Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Best Compensation Plan

Now that you have read my other post you would then agree with me that Multi level Network marketing is not only the business to survive in the 21st century that we are but it is the business that lead to Greatness.
Many people know this but the problem we nigerians face with most of the network marketing companies is their compensation plan and this has lead to many i mean MANY Nigerians becoming negatives and having GROSS hatred for the business and thus the original aim of the mlm industry to being service to many to achieve greatness is dead in Nigeria (read my other posts).

Enough of the stories. Am very sorry if i am going to hurt some feeling here because i'ld be mentioning the names of some of the notable mlm network marketing company in Nigeria that are ripping us out not to boo them but for some1 reading this to learn.

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also known as Network Marketing, is a business-distribution model that allows a parent company to market its products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals and uu selling.

Stairstep Breakaway- In this plan, distributors have a pre-defined point or group sale volume and once this is achieved you break away from you upline to become independent. That is once the predefined volume is met either by sales or by recruiting you breakaway.

Unilevel plan- This is considered the simplest of all compensation plans because commissions are paid primarily based on the number of levels a recipient is from the original representative who is purchasing the product. Commissions are not based on title or rank achieved. By qualifying with a minimum sales requirement, representatives earn unlimited commissions on a limited number of levels of downline recruited representatives. 

Matrix Plan- This type of plan is similar to a Uni-Level plan, except there is a also limited number of representatives who can be placed on the first level. Recruits beyond the maximum number of first level positions allowed are automatically placed in other downline (lower level) positions. 

Binary Plan: A binary plan is a multilevel marketing compensation plan which allows distributors to have only two front-line distributors. If a distributor sponsors more than two distributors, the excess are placed at levels below the sponsoring distributor's front-line. This "spillover" is one of the most attractive features to new distributors since they need only sponsor two distributors to participate in the compensation plan(this is bad for Nigerians). The primary limitation is that distributors must "balance" their two downline legs to receive commissions. Balancing legs typically requires that the number of sales from one downline leg constitute no more than a specified percentage of the distributor's total sales. 

Hybrid plans- They are simply combination of two plans mostly unilevel and binary.

HERE IS THE TRUTH: Having read about the types of plan you will find out that the best of them all that is favourable to we Nigerians is the unilevel system.

Forever living is on the unilevel plan. They pay about N1800 on each person you introduce or enroll which is perfect. Among the others where in Nigeria, they are the first to use this plan that is why they exploded coupled with the fact that they have numerous product. As at 2011/2012 you would always find forever living product in almost every family you visit in Nigeria. The problem with forever is that 1. The registration fee was high although they have a very high profit on the sale of their product compared to the others. 2. The monthly target is too high. Imagine asking you to buy flp products worth 40k, 60k, 120k, dependa on the registration package you do. Now if you meet your target for 3months and you dont know aw to do direct marketing at the end of the 3rd month you would hit the streets, molue (911), become a semi-pharmacist just to sell away the product and even if you dont make any gain just have your money back.
Note: If you dont meet your target you dont get your earnings and you dont move up the plan.

GNLD- yes they are also on the unilevel plan but they have the same problem wit flp. 100pv target meaning you buy gnld drugs every month worth about 30k and they pay about N800 on each person you introduce, but still you wont get a dime if you introduce 10pple and you dont meet you target.
Its not a global business because a registered distributor in lagos cannot access any of their warehouse/office outside lagos (very bad).

Organo gold- binary system very wrong for nigerians because even if they pay you up to N2000 on each person you introduce and the rule is you cannot enroll more than 2pple directly that means you cant earn more than 4000 on enrollment for life. Registration fee is high. Leg balancing is just not a thing for Nigerians cus lets say if one leg of your downline ave grown to like active 10pple and you oda leg is still on 2pple, you will earn nothing until you balance the 2nd leg to 10pple.

Tianshi- Tiens is just off it for Nigerians because you earn nothing until you get to STAR 3 which you may never get to unless you register a whole community.

Vemma- Same with organo gold with leg balancing and circling. You register 2pple. Each person must complete a circle of registering 15pple each. If one person completes the circle you earn nothing until you balnce other and guess what when you do you get $50. You move up the rank by the total number of complete circles in ur team.

This is just to mention a few but trust me so many Nigerians are suffering in most of this business.
Note: am not saying no one is making money there but wot they do to make d money is hell. They put in 100% effort and their pay is just 25%. Thats hell. No wonder a friend of mine says "To hell with network marketing, put in the same effort in ur personal business" but guess what even if the business succeeds it would never lead to greatness(read my other post) because greatness only comes from service many.

TRÉVO- Trevo is also on the unilevel plan but the first amazing thing that got me startled was that Trevo pays a whooping N10000 on each person you enroll. Next to Trevo is Genesis global or Vemma paying N2500. The differnce is so much that it was too good to be true. If you enroll 10persons in Trévo you get N100000 instantly. There is no limit to the number of people you can directly or indirectly enroll. If you enroll sumone who enrolls another you get N2000. Trévo matching bonus 2k is higher than every other mlm company enrollment bonus.
NOTE that any company that says you shouldnt buy their product in a month would not stand the test of time because the purchase you make is what drives the company but how they tell their distributors to do that is of paramount importance. High monthly target is wrong. Trévo says you make a purchase of a minimum of 1bottle and maximum of 6bottles meaning you can either buy 1 for your consumption of for sale or buy 2,3,4,5, or 6 bottles depending on what your power can carry. You CANNOT make a purchase of more than 6bottles in a month.
Everyone knows Trevo sells for N12000 but as a distributor you buy it at the rate of N7500 meaning you make a profit of a whooping N4500.

The problem anyone can say he/she has with the Trévo compensation plan is not the efficacy of the product having 174 ingredient inside one bottle but is "how many people can drop N12000 to buy it"
I tell them that 1. You dont have any idea of how much people spend on a daily basis on their health. I met a woman who claimed not to have money and she had goitre, i asked what she has done to it and she said she has operated it 4times and it keeps growing. You can imagine how much she would spend on each operation. I introduced Trévo to her and before finishing 3bottles her goitre was completely gone. People are always happy to pay for SOLUTION.
2. Guess what?.. Trevo dont even want to to be sellimg the product. The N4500 you make on every bottle you sell is the least money you can make so why sell it. I buy 1bottle in a month, sometimes 3 and i drink it but i still make money money than people that sell now that is FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

I met a top earner in forever living some months back who get N1m every single month and he said he has been earning that for over 3years. I asked him what his monthly target was and he said 400k worth of flp product. I then asked him what he has been doing with all the accumulated products of 400k for 3years and he was like "my brother, i dash the one wey i fit dash out, sell d small wey i fit sell amd export d remaining to his brother in the US not demanding any kobo from him" and he said he has more than 30000people in his team.
One of the 3highest earners in Trevo a Nigerian Segun Sosanya takes home N10million naira every single month. All he has to do in a month is just to buy the max number which is 6bottles (N50000) to earn his money. Segun has a total of about 8000people in his team and directly he ddnt bring up to 20pple(power of leverage)
Gnld is about 56years, foreva is another old school giant mlm and Trevo is just 3years.
Based on my experience in 4giant mlm companies in Nigeria and attending the seminar of almost all i came to the conclusion that Trévo llc is the best mlm network marketing company present in Nigeria for Nigerians.
If you think yours is better hit me up lets discuss and if yours is really better i'll post it here and even sign up.
Whasapp 09093200039 or 08166070590 or call any of the numbers too.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Principle to Achieving Greatness in Life

Profit are better than wages. Wages make you a living which is fine and profits makes you a fortune which is super-fine. Guess what you can live fine and super-fine because you've now gotten the mechanism and the ways, means to do it
Am not asking you to quit your job right now buh am challenging you to push yourself.
Workout a business part-time that you can earn you a fortune (super-fine) while you work earns you your salary which is fine. The problem in Nigeria is that most people get this twisted. They work very hard at their work to achieve a fortune out of it and set up a small business or invest in one to earn them extra income (thats extra salary which is always over 40% less than their income or is being driven by their salary). If the salary stops the business begins to die immediately.
When you start making a profit, you can now say that you're working full time on your job and part time on your fortune buh it wont be long when you would be working full time on your fortune and part time on your job.

Yor first goal on achieving your fortune is to try to equal what you earning part time to what you earning on your full time job. This is called the MAGIC OF PART TIME.

Your second goal is to make twice as much money part time working on your fortune as you are working full time on your job. How long all these takes doesnt really matter because its worth it once you achieve this.

Part-time changes your life style. An average Nigerian family life style would change if they earn as little as 100k a month on part-time regardless of their salary

Correct the years of your past and pick up a new discipline for the future. I doesnt matter who or which party comes in Power (APC or PDP) what matters is the quality of the new discipline which you pick up that is if you wish to change yourself or your current position.
For things to change for you, you have to change. Dont wish it was easier but wish u where better. Dont wish for less problems/challenge but wish for more skills/wisdom

The Law of averages states that if you do something/ samething often enough a ratio would appear.
In network marketing if you talk to 10people and 1 says yes then the ratio has begun. 1:10. Make up in numbers what you lack in skills
In baseball if you bat 300 out of 1000 i.e. Bat ratio of 3:10 they pay you $4million dollars/year. Which means YOU'RE OUT 7times out of 10 and make $4million a year. That means you dont have to be perfect or work so hard to earn so much.

The next principle is the Law of Sowing and Reaping. The story of the sower comes from the Bible.  The sower in the Bible was AMBITIOUS, he had EXCELLENT SEEDS (which could be an excellent oppurtunity), the Bible says the sower goes out to sow the seed but the first part of the seed falls by the way-side and the BIRDS get it (the birds are going to get some of the seeds), Note that if you go chasing the birds, you will leave the field which would affect your future. The secret to the success, the bible says the sower kept on SOWING because if you keep sowing you could sow more than the birds can get cus there arent enough birds because the law of averages would work for you. The story continues. Its says the sower keeps sowing the seed now the seeds fall on ROCKY GROUND where the soil is shallow. This is not of your making because you have excellent seeds and you are an ambitious sower. It also says that some little seeds fell on the ground and starts to grow but on the first HOT DAY it withers and die. Note that the HOT weather is going to get some and this is more painful, this is where most people quit. The sower still kept on sowing and the key phrase to do that is that "he had to discipline his disappointment". The story also said some of the seeds fell on THORNY grounds( which could be distraction but who cares). Some people let little things cheat them out of big oppurtunities. The story says finally the seeds fall on GOOD GROUND ( guess what, it always WILL) if you keep sowing. The story also says some of the good grounds did 30%, some did 60%, some 100% but guess what WHO CARES TOO. Let them BE.

The secret to wealth and fortune was first taught in the Bible, John kennedy taught it in his inaugural speech, Zig Ziglar also has one of the best ways to put it.
The Bible- The question was asked to the master teacher that "how can we achieve greatness?"(great wealth, great power, great influence,great recognition, great self esteem). The formular to achieve personal greatness that the master teacher said was "find a way to solve the many for service to many leads to greatness" ( now thats for those that are interested because so people arnt), if u can takie of yourself fine its okay but it doesnt lead to greatness, some say i have enough bills to pay on my own i cant worry about that of others, thats okay too but i doesnt lead to greatness. Greatness is helping people pay their bills, forget about yours because if you help enough people pay theirs, yours disappear. Help pple solve problems and yours disappear. A lot of people would like to serve many people but they dont have a way (i ave got one).

John Kennedy in his inauguration said "dont ask what the people can do for you, dont ask what the country or the government can do for you but ask what you can do for the people or country".

Zig Ziglar says "if you help enough people get what they want, you will get everything you need"

Organizing is next because getting people to work together is challenging and MAGIC is challenging. Getting people to work together is Magic. Even the bible says "if 2 or 3 agree on a common purpose, nothing is impossible". You see getting people to work together is challenging because its like herding cats. Sheeps are easy but CATS but once u get it done is power is so immense.

If YOU NEED the way or platform to acheive greatness hit me up on whatsapp on 09093200039.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Read THIS!, Take Action!!!, Be Successful!!

There would never be a point in your life when is the right time to do a great thing
If you re waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect timing,  its never going to happen.
You know what you have to do?, you have to create the perfect time, and the perfect opportunity in the perfect situation.
A lot of people becomes comfortable, they stop growing, they stop wanting anything, they become satisfied.
People getting ready to go to jobs that they don't like, jobs that are making them sick.
When you're not pursuing your goals you're literally committing spiritual suicide
When you stretch yourself and leave your comfort zone you will find out some talents and abilities you have that you didn't even know you have.
When the message of misery visits you, what are you going to do? What will keep you in the game??
There are things that you think you may never need to know that you may only need to know just one time in your life but that could safe your life because you had that knowledge.
Unless you attempt to do something beyond that which you've already mastered you would never grow.
What is it that you looked at at some point in time and you decided that you couldnt do it, or you talked yourself out of it.
If you are waiting on your next door neighbor to make it happen it may not happen. If you're waiting on your mother or your father, they may be so ancient in their thinking that they don't understand this opportunity that you have and if you waiting on them it may never get done
You don't pay average people to be phenomenal, you don't pay good people to be phenomenal, you just are phenomenal and you will attract phenomenal.
What reason can you remember that you can call on that you can reach on, that can make you get back up, find that reason
If you are not where you are, if you're not where you want to be, if you don't have what you want to have, if you're not where you think you should be, it has nothing to do with the system or the government but it has everything to do with the fact that you're not making the sacrifice.
I want you to make that dream become a reality because if you don't you will be working for somebody else to make their dream become a reality.
Most people take their greatness, their ideas to the grave yard with them.
See if it was easy everybody would do it
There are some people right now who are working but who don't want to work, some people who hate their jobs but still getting up to do it.
The wealthiest place on the planet is the grave yard because in it we will find inventions that we where never exposed to, ideas, dreams, hopes and aspirations that where never acted upon.
The question is what are you going to do with your time?, what drives you?.
Greatness is a lot of small things done well, day after day,night after night
When things don't work out for you, when things happen that you couldn't anticipate, what are the reasons that you can think of that can keep you strong.
You would never ever be successful until you turn your pain into greatness, until you allow your pain to push you from where you are to whre you need to be so stop running from your pain and embrace your pain, your pain is going to be a part of your pride and of your product. I challenge you to push yourself
See its very easy to be at the bottom, its doesn't take any motivation or any drive to be a loser but it calls on every thing in you to harness to will to say Yes am going to challenge myself to succeed
I really don't care about what you did last week with your time. Am talking about what you do today, today is the only important day, there are 86400 seconds in a day and how you use them is so critical to who you'd be.
The biggest enemy you have to deal with is yourself. There is an old african proverb that says if there's no enemy within then the enemy outside can do us mo harm
You have this oppurtunity of a lifetime, it means absolutely nothing if you dont take advantage of it in the lifetime of this oppurtunity
When life knocks you down try and lie on your back because if you can look up then you can get up
If you want to make this your decade you've got to start saying Yes!! to your life, Yes!!! to your dreams, Yes!!!! to your unfolding future, Yes!!!!! to your potential. I suppose you've been saying NO!!!
When you die ladies and gentlemen leave no dream left behind, leave no opportunity left behind, when you leave this earth, accomplish every single thing you can accomplish.
Listen to me you going to be there someday but you would never get there if you give up, if yoi give in, if you quit, you have to want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe

Network Marketing Companies in Nigeria

Hello all, many of you may have had either bad or even worse experience in network marketing. MLM schemes has been really very hard on we Nigerians with their COMPENSATION PLAN. Am not here to tell you stories, or if working for someone else and helping the person to achieve his own dream in exchange for money (salary) is good or not or to share what i read in some books or what i heard about but to speak the voice of my fellow Nigerians to ultimately to let you know the best network marketing company present in Nigeria for us all.
It is said that networking (power of leverage) is the business of the 21st century(Robert kiyosaki).
I'll rather earn 1% of the effort of 1000people (1000% profit) than to earn 100% of my effort because as time goes by due to the wear and tear on me i wont be able to give a hundred 100% output or probably due to sickness.
Jobs are just the exchange of time for money. Here in Nigeria most employed staffs work 8am-4pm (8hrs) daily, 40hrs a week, some work day and night, year in year out, some accept higher positions or promotion which simply means willing to give out more to the company and being stretched to produce over a 100% output, some work mondays to saturdays or even sundays, all to acheive the dreams of someone else (the employer). There is a well known fact in Nigeria that most people say that they only want to work for probably only 5years and set the ball rolling in achieving their own dreams, along d line in the 3rd year maybe, they accept a promotion and the next time they look back they already have 15years work experience, they have gotten married and are raising a family on that job. Only 1 in every 500person in Nigeria would leave end up sticking to their original plan. The fact about accepting a job, being job minded, acheiving someone elses goal or dream is that for you to be good at it, you will have to stick your own dreams and goals in your butt and everyday you go to work and sit in your office, you dig it in deeper and starve it till it finally dies.

The truth is that network marketing companies in Nigeria doesnt really pay us because, all they do is to rip us off and use (network marketers) just to move their product out not caring how they are being sold or paying substantial amount or commissions for both direct sales and team/group purchase/autoship. In my next post i'll be sharing my experience in network marketing companies in Nigeria. There are quite a number of Multi level marketing companies in Nigeria currently. Just to mention a few who are on top of their game and pulling a large number of Nigerians to their business are:
Forever living
Organo gold
Swiss grade
Allaince in Motion
Helping hands
Tianshi etc


Two major reasons which every Nigerian who has ventured into network marketing would agree with me that that was what ripped them off the business or who is willing to go into the business should consider or be doomed from the first day you sign up.

1. Wrong Network Earning System : Virtually all the mlm companies that are present in Nigeria today are on a wrong network earning system. All Network marketing is to create a system that gives financial freedom and is suppse to be that every individual in a network earns the % of what he/she puts or effort he/she puts into her business. The reason while people leave their jobs to do network marketing to build a system/network that provides financial freedom where they can also empower their dreams is because their dreams cant be empowered on paid jobs. No employed staff can earn more than the CEO/founder of his firm/company/business. Before an employer would pay a staff 1million naira monthly then he/she must have made nothing less than 10million naira.
If your network marketing company is on a system that says "a downline cannot earn more than his upline/enroller/sponsor then am sorry because ure doomed even from the first day cus no matter how hard u work and how serious you take your business, you can never earn more than your enroller which does not abide to the rule of creation of the industry itself.
A good mlm company gives change for any downline to earn more and even way more than your upline. This is the major reason why we nigerians always rush to join new companies when they come around so that we can be the poineers of the business in the country be on top to earn from every one who hear bout the business after us while we just sit back and enjoy the power of leveraging. Thats why there is this saying now among everybody who has had, heard about bad experiences in network marketing that "dont join that company because all your hard work would just be putting more money into the pockets of the guys who first joined the company (the pioneers) while you just get the remaining change. This is the BIGGEST NEGATIVE network marketing can face because it just keeps going on and on that people dont  bother joining a company that is more than 1year. Ask the person inviting you to join his team or company today this simple question. Say it like this so that you would get a sincere answer "can my downline ever earn more dan me?" Dont say "can i earn more than my upline?" Because most of them would tell you lies. You would hear answers like "its not possible because he/she is your DOWNline he/she cannot earn more than you" some would even go ahead and say "if your downline want to earn more them he/she should get his own downline who would put in the same effort he/she has put in" now that is working for sumone and basically speaking your upline is not giving you a platform for financial freedom in a real sense i would say your upline is employing to make money for her and get a fraction of the earnings to yourself.

2. Level of Direct Marketing/ Targets: Looking from the angle of an average Nigerian who is either working taking network marketing as a financial alternative to his/her job until he/she attains financial freedom in his mlm company or someone who wants to go all the way to making network marketing his source of income the level of direct marketing or target is a very vital point to note in networking.
Note- Any network marketing company that doesnt demand you to buy their product at least monthly would not stand the test of time. This is multi level network marketing so you must buy the companys product or products to keep it going. The BIG question is HOW do they demand you to do that?. How a network marketing company demands its members/distributors (viewing from the aspect of an average Nigerian person) is most critical becasue it would either make or break the person no matter how self motivated or induced motivation the person/individual might have received.
This is the peak of what some Nigerians have gone through in network marketing or probably you might have a worse experience please dont hesitate to share so we can all learn. A friend of mine who after seeing what ave gone through in network marketing who is even more focused,doesnt give up,self motivated individual called James got into a network marketing company (name withheld) who produces drugs too and other food supplement product signed up with the company and at the point of signing up he was told he wont ave to buy the drugs and products of the company that he should just choose thd network package he want either to bring in 200,400,600,800 or 1000people into the business. Now since he was just starting he said he would go for 200people package. Now get this,he was told he would earn N2000 on each person he introduces into the business, he would receive the bank alert of the money being payed to him buh he cannot collect or withdraw the money because it is virtual until he hits his 200people target. James was so determined and driven by the alert he was getting so much that in 9months James already brought in over 150people into the business but things suddenly changed when James ddnt have enough money to travel because he immediately travelled to Enugu where he said his people are to do his business and he wanted to move to ebonyi. After 12months James has introduced roughly 170people into the business. Joyfully in the 15months he made it to 200people and called me up to go with him to collect his earning (abt 400k). On getting to the company we met a great SHOCKER when the counter lady told us that the system has wiped off about 50ppls registration because he took him more than 1year that he had just 3months to bring in another new 50pple before the system delete another 30.. Despite the dissapointmnt James was still determined to never give up, he raised up some funds and moved straight to ebonyi where he got 50pple in just 2months, den he called me again not evn doubting but very happy that we should go collect his earnings together. On getting to the office again, the counter lady checked her system and then congratulated James and gave him a big form to fill, after filling all his details in the front side of the form we where asked to turn to the back and continue where we say names of all the drugs, capsules, and supplements the company has and we where asked to tick the quantity we want for each product then i asked the lady what was goin on anf she said "70% of the money he is to collect would be used to give him the drugs we tick and the other 30% check would be given written for him. James was paid N120000 and given drugs worth N280000 to go and sell and make about 40k profit after selling all. James collected the moni and dashed out the drugs but made a vow that there is nothing you can tell him that he would listen to you in Network marketing.

If your companys monthly purchase of product target is more than the limit to what you can earn from registration alone then its not worth it because for every month you have to meet your target to move up and for every month you do that and you cant sell out the product then you are doomed because in no time you would hit the streets, molue(911), become a semi-pharmacist to push those product of your out evn if u dont make profit. You dont earn N2000 on each person you enroll or introduce into the business and be placed on a 30k target of product every month. The worst part of it is when your company now tells you that your enrollment earnings are tied to your target so if you dont meet your target you'ld earn nothing.

Ask questions and if you are oppurtuned to meet the top earners of the company, after asking them about what and how they earn what they earn also ask about their monthly targets. Shockingly you will find out that no matter the amount you are being told at the begginning that the higher you go, the higher your target goes. E.g. A 1m naira earner of one of the giant mlm companies in nigeria buys about 400k worth of product every month, the question i asked him when we met was not about the 600k he takes home but about the 400k worth of product he buys every month and he told me he has been on dat level for more than 4years because he is a pioneer memeber of the company. Ask yourself, is that the kind of finamcial freedom you want??