Monday, 16 February 2015

Principle to Achieving Greatness in Life

Profit are better than wages. Wages make you a living which is fine and profits makes you a fortune which is super-fine. Guess what you can live fine and super-fine because you've now gotten the mechanism and the ways, means to do it
Am not asking you to quit your job right now buh am challenging you to push yourself.
Workout a business part-time that you can earn you a fortune (super-fine) while you work earns you your salary which is fine. The problem in Nigeria is that most people get this twisted. They work very hard at their work to achieve a fortune out of it and set up a small business or invest in one to earn them extra income (thats extra salary which is always over 40% less than their income or is being driven by their salary). If the salary stops the business begins to die immediately.
When you start making a profit, you can now say that you're working full time on your job and part time on your fortune buh it wont be long when you would be working full time on your fortune and part time on your job.

Yor first goal on achieving your fortune is to try to equal what you earning part time to what you earning on your full time job. This is called the MAGIC OF PART TIME.

Your second goal is to make twice as much money part time working on your fortune as you are working full time on your job. How long all these takes doesnt really matter because its worth it once you achieve this.

Part-time changes your life style. An average Nigerian family life style would change if they earn as little as 100k a month on part-time regardless of their salary

Correct the years of your past and pick up a new discipline for the future. I doesnt matter who or which party comes in Power (APC or PDP) what matters is the quality of the new discipline which you pick up that is if you wish to change yourself or your current position.
For things to change for you, you have to change. Dont wish it was easier but wish u where better. Dont wish for less problems/challenge but wish for more skills/wisdom

The Law of averages states that if you do something/ samething often enough a ratio would appear.
In network marketing if you talk to 10people and 1 says yes then the ratio has begun. 1:10. Make up in numbers what you lack in skills
In baseball if you bat 300 out of 1000 i.e. Bat ratio of 3:10 they pay you $4million dollars/year. Which means YOU'RE OUT 7times out of 10 and make $4million a year. That means you dont have to be perfect or work so hard to earn so much.

The next principle is the Law of Sowing and Reaping. The story of the sower comes from the Bible.  The sower in the Bible was AMBITIOUS, he had EXCELLENT SEEDS (which could be an excellent oppurtunity), the Bible says the sower goes out to sow the seed but the first part of the seed falls by the way-side and the BIRDS get it (the birds are going to get some of the seeds), Note that if you go chasing the birds, you will leave the field which would affect your future. The secret to the success, the bible says the sower kept on SOWING because if you keep sowing you could sow more than the birds can get cus there arent enough birds because the law of averages would work for you. The story continues. Its says the sower keeps sowing the seed now the seeds fall on ROCKY GROUND where the soil is shallow. This is not of your making because you have excellent seeds and you are an ambitious sower. It also says that some little seeds fell on the ground and starts to grow but on the first HOT DAY it withers and die. Note that the HOT weather is going to get some and this is more painful, this is where most people quit. The sower still kept on sowing and the key phrase to do that is that "he had to discipline his disappointment". The story also said some of the seeds fell on THORNY grounds( which could be distraction but who cares). Some people let little things cheat them out of big oppurtunities. The story says finally the seeds fall on GOOD GROUND ( guess what, it always WILL) if you keep sowing. The story also says some of the good grounds did 30%, some did 60%, some 100% but guess what WHO CARES TOO. Let them BE.

The secret to wealth and fortune was first taught in the Bible, John kennedy taught it in his inaugural speech, Zig Ziglar also has one of the best ways to put it.
The Bible- The question was asked to the master teacher that "how can we achieve greatness?"(great wealth, great power, great influence,great recognition, great self esteem). The formular to achieve personal greatness that the master teacher said was "find a way to solve the many for service to many leads to greatness" ( now thats for those that are interested because so people arnt), if u can takie of yourself fine its okay but it doesnt lead to greatness, some say i have enough bills to pay on my own i cant worry about that of others, thats okay too but i doesnt lead to greatness. Greatness is helping people pay their bills, forget about yours because if you help enough people pay theirs, yours disappear. Help pple solve problems and yours disappear. A lot of people would like to serve many people but they dont have a way (i ave got one).

John Kennedy in his inauguration said "dont ask what the people can do for you, dont ask what the country or the government can do for you but ask what you can do for the people or country".

Zig Ziglar says "if you help enough people get what they want, you will get everything you need"

Organizing is next because getting people to work together is challenging and MAGIC is challenging. Getting people to work together is Magic. Even the bible says "if 2 or 3 agree on a common purpose, nothing is impossible". You see getting people to work together is challenging because its like herding cats. Sheeps are easy but CATS but once u get it done is power is so immense.

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