Thursday, 30 April 2015

Is network marketing dead in nigeria???

If you ask many Nigerians who have ventured into it, Network Marketing, alias Multi-level Marketing [MLM] is dead in Nigeria.

And they have tales of woes to back their view. Yet, on the other hand, there are those who swear, by the load of US Dollars they are making from network marketing, that it is far from being sick, not to talk of dying.

But what is your own opinion? Is network marketing dead or alive? Why have many Nigerians burnt their fingers exploring it? What are those who are doing it successfully doing right? And where have those who have sad tales to tell missed it?

My Opinion
If you have ever shown any interest in MLM before and your experience was either sweet or bitter, then join this debate. Let us know what your own experience is, good or bad. We want to get to the heart of this business concept that has as many people condemning it as are exalting it.

At a time like this issue is of paramount importance becasue the global world is entering/ has entered into a new economy while another is fast dying.

I am a seasoned Network Marketer and have and am earning a living in network marketing company have participated in and from experience I have the following to say.

1. Most Nigerians fail in Network Marketing because they lack the skills of leadership and Marketing which is the secret to success in NM.

2. NM is a distribution marketing system where product consumers are compensated for sharing and selling products to their customers and consumers and are also paid for doing that period. So any opportunity where you only earn when you signup prospect without selling the companies product please don’t take a second look on it.

3. To succeed in this time in Network Marketing you need to forget about the old dinosaurs method of prospecting; cold calling, warn list and harrassing your family relations and start bulding real Internet Skills like list building, the art and science of writing a sales letter, forum marketing, articles writing, blogging etc. its only with this you can make it in NM. Can you get 200 of your family members or pple you know or meet directly to sign up in your team in 6 months or even 1yr and to some 2yrs? NO!. Its only through using any of the afore mentions skills you can even in 1month although mine was in

4. Nigerians have to awaken to this Industry because according to an economy guru, professor and twice US adviser on Intl. Economies Paul Zane Pilzer said that in the next 10 years Network Marketing will be raising 10 trillion millionaires worldwide while it took US to raise 1 million millionaires in 100 years

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