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The top 7 Common Mistakes almost every Network Marketer make

Lots of people join Network Marketing company  year in and out with lot of excitement because of the promise of financial freedom that comes with it, haven seen friends and relatives or hear says that their financial statues turned around and they believe just like lottery or is it lotto games its their time to win their own money without taking time to look and study the profession called Network Marketing.

 Here are the top 7 Common Mistakes almost every Network Marketer has made

1. Start calling their friends and family as soon as they sign up. As exciting as it is to launch a new business, it's just as important to get trained first. A Real Estate agent has to take a certain amount of classes and pass an exam before practicing real estate. A McDonald's franchise owner has to go to Hamburger University before they're allowed to own a McDonald's. Yet, in our industry – so many new recruits jump right into the deep end and wonder why they can't swim.

If you ask any me, successful network marketer knows what the most important part of their business is and the answer will be unanimous: training.

2. Quit after a few negative responses. Harry Potter, the best-selling novel/series that put J.K. Rowling on the map and earned her the title of first author billionaire, has over 48,000 1 star reviews. However, this isn't the first of the negative responses J.K. Rowling received. She received 20 rejections from publishers before Harry Potter was finally picked up, Lord of the Flies received 20, Gone with the Wind 38 and Gertrude Stein sent poems in for over 22 years before one was finally published.

We all know the famous Michael Jordan story of how he got rejected from his Sophomore basketball team. It was that rejection that motivated his basketball career. What seperates business minded people from the non-business minded people is how they handle rejection. Although neither party enjoys rejection, the business-minded person uses rejection as fuel for their fire instead of the water that puts it out.

3. Answer every question. It's okay not to know all the answers. Yet, for some reason, a new person is more reluctant to say the words 'I don't know'. There's not a single person in any field who knows everything they need to know about their specialty. When asked a question they don't know the answer to, a new person panics and will say what they believe the answer is. Often times, they find out later they misinformed their customer/prospect and now has to go back for 'cleanup'.

The better solution would be to say, "I don't know, but I can find out." Then get the answer to them. Your customer will appreciate this more in the long run because now they know you're 1. honest and 2. follow through with your word.

4. Take advice from the wrong people.  "Don't take advice from anyone more stupid than you." Although that's probably a harsh way to say it, it was part of a great speech made in front of thousands and one that I've listened to at least a dozen times.

It's probably the most common mistake a newbie makes. They sign up with said company and the first thing they do is ask their broke Uncle Bob what they think. Find someone who has what you want, do what they do, and you'll get what they got. If you want to learn how to make a million dollars, then chances are your buddy Joe, who's living paycheck to paycheck, is not the right person to ask. The same goes with business.

5. Google the company to see if it's legit. This is great if the person knows how to decipher the good info from the piles of junk, bust most people don't. The internet is like a bathroom wall and anyone can say whatever they want. One disgruntled customer or recruit can write a blog about their experience and suddenly this becomes fact because it's on Google.

6. Is "try to do more than one MLM at a time". There is an old industry saying, "if you chase two rabbits with one dog, you catch neither" the funny thing about this is that most untrained network marketers see belonging to different Network Marketing company as multiple streams of income. (Lol) which is deception and confusion of the highest orders and the advice I normally give is build you team, get them trained and support them and masive residual income will be a byproduct you get from your efforts which you can invest in other business outside network marketing and that what I call multiple streams of income.

7. Most untrained Network Marketers believes that in MLM the Fresher the company, the Juicer it will become that is to say they want to be the first person that will register with this just launched company before others will know. This is one major cause most people fail in our industry because they are not focused and don't put company structure, Management and Training in to consideration.

Putting all these points into consideration and wishing I discovered this points 13 years ago when I joined the Network Marketing indutry,  Life would have been a lot easier but anyway I have seen a lot and still learning about what works and my research and experiance about Trevo has proven to be an amazing and effort rewarding company to work with both now and in the future and my reasons are anchoured on 5 major reasons which is Founders, Product, Compensation Plan, Market and structure.

1. Founder. Mark Steven is the founder of Trevo with many years of network marketing experience as a professional network marketer and a successful CEO of many other companies with lots of entreprenuership achievements and one of the most successful business man in American today. Ask Google, even knows him.

2. Product. Am yet to see any other bio available natural Nutriceutical intelligent product with loads of life transforming testimonies like Trevo consisting of 174 ingredients madeup of Herbs, Vegetables, friuts, vitamins, minerals, sea vegetables, Glutathione and exotics friuts.

3. Compensation Plan. Trevo puts money into your pocket in 8 different ways but the most amazing and interesting one to me is that I get to earn 15% global pool bonus monthly from a multi billion dollar global business. So I have the leverage to earn globally from people I don't know and will never meet and all I have to do on my own part is recruiting and building my own team locally.

4. Market. Its a billion people market, YES, because Trevo is a daily consumable product targeted at wellness and not sickness and If you check the health statues of the world today am yet to see any other product needed as Trevo in a timing like this and just imagine having access to 200 million population in a country like Nigeria where Trevo has produced lots of millionaires and others in making.

5. Structure. In Nigeria out of 36 states Trevo is already in 23 states in just three years of doing business Nigeria and the demand and request to open more states officially keeps coming in. It simply means as a distributor you have physical office presence in 23 states and you can recruit anyone from any of this states with your Trevo id number like am already doing. Am yet to see any company out of the 64 different companies we have in Nigeria today that can or will boast of having same structure in the next 15 years.

"If You Love Leadership, Self-Growth, How to get Trevo and Want to Create an EVER Increasing Amount of Prosperity in Life, Paul Show(Trevo Director - Life, Wealth and Health Coach) is waiting here to help you get started

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