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The segmentation of Network Marketing companies in Africa

Hello readers, i want to use this medium to appreciate everyone who have been stopping by to read my articles, bookmarked my blog, added to circles etc from within and outside africa in the quest for the undiluted truth and knowledge making sure you make the right decision in network marketing. Also to those who gets very angry i exposed their company and it has affected your business in one way or the other, i am sincerely sorry but the truth is that for there to be a revolution(complete change) not evolution(progressive change) in the network marketing industry, many companies have to be exposed and this would hurt the registered members. 

Today i bring you good news for those who have broken trust system towards the industry, for those who says the industry is for a selected few who possess marketing skills and knowledge, those who say i cannot talk to people. To some of my readers also i may hurts you because i'll mention the name of some companies operating illegal, money stealing schemes using the networking model. 
1. Helping Hands International A.k.A H2i
2. Growing Circles 
3. Fourcornas Allaince 
4. Let us partner with you
5. Global Helpers Allaince 
6. NGN1000 etc

Ladies and Gentlemen, If you refuse to accept the Truth, you are left with no other option than to accept a lie/false. Of all these companies affore mentioned above with intense research and deep understanding, i can categorically say that they are all ILLEGAL ponzi money stealing schemes who only sell dreams and not value. For the sake of those visiting this blog for the first time, i always say that the interaction of activity in ANY LEGAL network company must be in their model. Anything different from this model is ILLEGAL, SCAM or PONZI.

1. A Parent company who have taken time to product or manufacture a Valued Product or Service. This is the very first question you have to ask, what is the product/service offered of the company?, what value does it give?. 

2. A platform for individuals to partner, register, sign up, to own his/her own platform to grow a network of users around a said Product or Service Offered. (although some companies compell you to sell products in the cause of this).

3. Product Reorder/ Service Reoffer- the goal of any legal network marketing company should be to provide a monetary passive system. Ignore all those motivational statement they might have told you, asked you if you had a dream, goal in life and all those stuffs(trying to work on your psycology). 
Ladies and gentlemen mark this statement, If there is no reorder of product or reoffer of a said service MONTHLY in network marketing you cannot have passive income. Enrollment commission, Fast start bonus, Referral bonus, Dual bonus or what ever they call it never keeps paying passively when enrollment stops. 

At this i would want to explain a point that even the so called 10years experience in network marketing doesnt know, what even that person who has collected 7cars in your company have never heard off. 

Residual Income: Every company both legal, illegal, scam, ponzi, pyramid schemes all declare they offer residual income in different context. 
What is Residual income- Residual income simply means recurring income. i.e. income that keeps coming monthly, daily, hourly etc. 
There are 2 forms of residual income which are Active residual income and Passive Residual Income. 

Active residual income is the income that is gotten from direct exchange of activity for money. For example a job(you have to work to earn, if you dont go to work then you dont earn), Small business(you own a shop stocked with goods, you have to open up the shop everyday for you to earn, if the shop is closed no income),
Networking(Ponzi,Pyramid schemes {you have to keep signing up people or your network have to keep enrolling people for you to earn}AND Marketing Plan{a marketing plan of any company pays you on the frequency or volume of buying and selling going on in your network because registered members are given monthly target of points they must purchase and the quantity they buy is more than they can consume in a single month so they must sell}).
Example of Network companies that are categorized as Ponzi, Pyramid, Illegal, money stealing schemes are 
a. Helping hands international (H2i)
b. Global Helpers Allaince (GHA)
c. Growing Circles
d. Forcournas Allaince group
e. Let us partner with you
f. NGN 1000 
g. Ebn network. etc
Note: Ladies and gentlemen dont be fooled with these phrase most of them use "Where there is no product and services are offered business is done" they always always use these to cajole you. Listen and listen well to the truth, the interaction of the services must be from a parent company to its registered member while these members grow a network of people that would keep offering that service for them where they earn commission on the said offered service not from a company to orphanages, building a mall, investing in a business etc. 
Examples of network marketing companies that operate marketing plan includes
a. Forever living
b. Gnld
c. Swiss Garde
d. Kedi healthcare 
e. Edmark 
f. Organo Gold
g. Oriflame
h. Longrich etc

Passive Residual income is the income that keeps coming when the effort used in producing or providing it has stopped. For example Real estate(If it takes 6years to raise a building, as long as the building stands, people would keep leasing the apartment and the owner would keep earning fo the rest of their life), Networking(Compensation plan- A compensation plan is a system that pays you on the rate and frequency of product usage or consumption going on the your network passively). Etc. 
There are only 2companies found that utilizes a compensation plan system;
a. Trevo (Best mlm company on product)

b. eklipse consults (Emerging best mlm on services)

I always tell people who really seek residual passive income, not taking network marketing as a job. In a marketing plan, mlm becomes a job because you will need to constantly keep changing distributors and customers. 
Personally, i am an advocate of passive residual income because what does it profit a man who has residual bills not to have residual income. 
Only smart people knows how important residual passive income is.
Stay tuned for the next 2articles where i explain the plan of the 2 companies that provide passive residual income in details, their product line/ services line and their business plan. 
Stay tuned 
Paul Show
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Click on the link below to read the product and compensation plan of eklipse consult, the emerging best mlm on services.

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