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For so many years i have been teaching, consulting clients from different part of the world about making a decision on network marketing both physically and online.
Writing books, pieces, articles, shooting videos on exposing the truth about so many multi level network marketing companies that you may never to told or explained to during their seminars or brainwashing sessions as i mostly call it.

Using Nigeria and countries of West Africa as a case study, you will find out that the HATRED for any multi level network marketing business has been very high but suddenly, there has been a little drift.
The same people who hated networking businesses so much because they have been a victim or have a close relative who has been one now suddenly started showing interest in new mlm businesses like H2i, Meridians Life Support, Growing circles etc.

In one of the articles i wrote in September 2015 that explained the compensation plan of 7 network marketing companies in Nigeria in a light that no one has ever viewed before.

This article was said to be one of the most controversial write ups in the network marketing industry that stirred up top directors from Organo gold, Aims global etc sending me mails because of it.
It was also ranked googles no 1 article on network marketing search for 8months followed by some of the pieces of network marketing guru Cosmire Okafor.

Its 2 years already and almost every point that seemed controversial then is now the reality, Organo Gold, Aims Global, H2i etc.
Surprisingly, a growing number of people in Nigeria are now having little interest in the industry of network marketing but they have their boundaries of what they can give a try.
1. No one wants a product base mlm company basically because they dont want to be compelled to product reorder/autoship monthly.
2. Almost every one wants to do little to earn more thus the growing interest for HYIP (High yield Investment Plan).- MMM, Lara, etc
3. Increasing number of people really dont care about value given in form of product or services but income earned in form of recruitment or investment hence the alarming love for Ponzi schemes and Peer to Peer donation schemes. Zarfund, Bitrising, Ultimate cycler, Icharity, e-corporative etc.

Very quickly let me tell you something they NEVER told you about Peer-Peer donation schemes.
Lets use Zarfund as a case-study, note that this explanation also applies to all the others peer-peer donation schemes apart from MMM which falls under investment and i actually never advice people not to join, its just a Game of investment figures, many will win, many will loose at any point just like every other business so i dont see anything wrong in investing in MMM as long as we all know that it is not a sustainable system. My only problem with MMM is when i see young productive youths when you ask them what do they do for a living and they say "I work from home as an MMM Guider" and they make it sound like a professional job. This should be done as a side investment that helps you double your money if it goes well for you simple.

Now back to the secret am about to expose.
Over 95% of Nigerians who signed up for Zarfund did not know this when they signed up because its either the person that told you about the business also did not know or knew at a latter stage and decided not to care.
Quick Recap:Zarfund is a peer to peer donation system whereby the system assigns who pays to you and who you pay to based on eligibility on a binary system.
1. They told you all you need to sign up for Zarfund is a One-Time fee of 0.03btc which was between $18btc - $24btc.
2. They say all you need to get 2 people who will donate to you, and help them get theirs too and so on. (Team growth)
3. All you need to get to Stage 6 where you are expected to receive 164bitcoin is to get a total of 126people and that is what shows in your back office.

1. The 0.03btc you need is not a One-time fee as its being promoted. Out of the excessive greed of those who started the zarfund system, they stylishly wrote something when you click on "How it works" on and scroll down to zarfund strategy. You see things like "Profit per month". For instance, when u sign up by donating 0.03btc to your upline, then you get 2people that will donate 0.03btc to you meaning you now have 0.06btc, then you are expected to donate 0.05btc to your uplines upline to upgrade to stage 2, then you will be left with 0.01btc profit. It is written as profit per month, many people did not really read meaning to the "Profit per month", that simply means "Autoship" meaning either you get people or not to join within a stipulated period of 1month you must either upgrade to the next level and also renew your level subscription.
This means if you sign up today and you dont get anyone to join you within 30days for instance, your 0.03btc is expired and when you do get someone you will have to go look for another 0.03btc to renew your subscription and this applies to other stages too. The only way to surpass this is to make sure you upgrade to the next stage every 30days which is you will understand how crazy that can be with my next point.
2. Following the binary rule that you and everybody joining you can only have 2people joining them, there is a lie they tell you. Now if everybody needs just 2people, if we go statistical that means that in your level 1 through 6 you are expected to have 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64. Meaning you need a total of 126people to get to stage 6 which is 2+4+8+16+32+64= 126people.
With the way the Zarfund system is designed your level 1 will only donate to you upon upgrade to stage 1 which is their registration of 0.03btc. Your level 2 members(4people) will only donate to you when they are upgrading to Stage 2, your Level 3 members(8people) will only donate to you when they are upgrading to Stage 3 and so on. This means your Level 6 members(64people) will only donate to you when they are upgrading to Stage 6 and for them to actually upgrade to Stage 6 it means they must also have up to 6levels.
Meaning in actual sense you do not need 6Levels but 12levels. Following the same progression where everybody can only get 2 people it shows us that you will need 128people on level 7, 256people on Level 8, 512people on Level 9, 1024people on level 10, 2048people on Level 11, 4096people on Level 12 making up a sum total of 8190people that must join your team for you to earn the 128btc of Stage 6. Worst part of this is that you must get this ridiculous *8190 within a max period of 6months, you must be upgrading to the next stage every 30days or else you will have to look for funds to renew your subscriptions for you to be eligible.
Think about this go to scroll down to zarfund statistics, look at Top 10 countries, as we all know that zarfund originated from South Africa but from the statistics of registered members, it shows that Nigerian are dominating with over 158,000people. If really all you need 126people to earn the promised 128btc then over 157,000 Nigerians should have earned the N32m price and still keep earning it monthly. The truth is Zarfund is that the higher you go on the stages, the more annoying it becomes because of the autoship. This also applies to Bitrising, e-corporative etc.

I know those who will want to yell at me now are those who are angry i included Ultimate Cycler and Icharity in the list and i understand clearly it because you probably still earning from it. Same way i had fierce comments when i dropped the truth about Aims global(Allaince in Motion), he sent me a message this December about another company he is now promoting not nothing i still had his contact. So i understand when you act this way, only time will tell.


1. I said this in a training in Abuja, that the strong-hold of the multi-level network marketing industry has left the wellness-industry either you accept it or not. Our world has progressed, the wellness industry is no longer the strong-hold and it cannot provide sustainability anymore, Increased number of people can no longer pledge allegiance to become monthly users of wellness products and supplement. They will only use it when in need for health reasons. The strong-hold of the network marketing industry is now the ICT industry. For the next 20years and more companies whose products are electronic will be on top of the rankings. Being electronic i mean SOFTWARES, E-currencies, E-products(not newsletters like that of 4cournas allaince group, Unvalued Digital products like that of Smart Alozie's Ebn network). 

2. Companies like One-coin(e-currency) are already proving this facts as they are now the highest paying network marketing company in the world breaking the highest limit of the total amount that has ever been earned in the network marketing industry. The likes of Holton Buggs of Organo Gold, Shane have all dropped their earning because of this shift away from the wellness industry.

3. Take heed and dont be deceived, there are new companies like Phyto-science who have also arrived as a Product-base ponzi scheme. Autoship can be said to be negligible, but huge earnings on 
 recruitment has also enticed so many people joining them. Although i do not neglect the fact that they have wonderful products which are Stem cell based which can be said to be the future of medicine, but hey companies like Forever Living, Trevo, Edmark also had ground breaking wonderful products and where are they now?.

4. Finally, for those running from recruitment and all. Listen to this fact, its either you take it or leave it in the next 10years over  70% of services or products will be distributed via referral. For those living in lagos companies like Uber has already started it.
So what should you look out for?
a. Sustainable Product which must come from the ICT industry.
b. Compensation plan with the best active income model
c. Compensation plan with the best potential to provide passive residual income even when enrollment stops in your network because this is the only key to financial freedom.


I dont need you to drop you contact, call me, invite you for a seminar, or add you to a brain-washing whatsapp group. 
Just click on the link below and read through religiously and take out time to THINK before making a decision or calling me.
Thanks for reading 

Paul Show 

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