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Comparative illustration on Mlm network marketing companiescompensation plans in Nigeria

I really dont need to say so much about network marketing again because you reading this article means u are either interested in mlm(multi level marketing), involved in one, had/heard of an experience. 
Basically for those who those who really dont know about the industry i'll say its a business model based on leverage. 
Never before has mankind witness an article as such.
First of all, i'll like to let everyone reading this article to know the purpose of writing this article is not to talk bad about any network marketing company but to reveal the secrets of each mlm networking marketing company giant in Nigeria and also for those reading this article outside west africa note that the basis of every point given in this article is on a study population of Africans(West africans).

I tell people that the reason why the industry is not embraced in Nigeria by many is not because they dont understand the model of the business but;
1. Nigerians have lost trust in the industry due to the companies who have come in the past.
Enough of the sermon i really dont need to start a message on network marketing you can read up other post on this blog to learn about that.

This article is basically a comprehensive comparative article analysing the giant network marketing companies trending in Nigeria and giving you an insight of what you would not be told anywhere else.

During my 8months research on mlm network marketing companies in Nigeria i found out that we Nigerians are confused. For the sake of this article my comparative illustration would be based major network marketing companies:
AIMS Global
Organo Gold
Foreva Living
Helping Hands 
My target population for writing this article are not people who are already involved in network marketing because am not trying to pull down any system but lets be frank with ourselves with this fact, please if you don't think any of this 2points are right, you can ignore dis article and stop reading it. 
1. For every person who joins a network marketing company and doesn't earn the for told incentives and commissions during  the seminar or business presentation the individual would become a Negative to the industry(note:not the company).

2. If you join a company, you brought in a few persons to your team(e.g. 20pple). If anything goes wrong with the company in the future and you moved to another company to start up again, you cannot go back to those 20pple and they would all listen to you and join you. WHY? Because they have lost trust in you.
Anyone coming to see your presentation or seminar is basically because you have built trust between each other.
With this two points cleared out you would agree with me that the network marketing company you join can either make you or break you. This inspired me to embark on this article because i found out that when you attend Organo gold's business presentation for instance, then go and attend that of Helping hands they would tell you that "organo golds member are all here now in helping hand", if you move on to Vemma you would hear "Helping hands memebers are now here in vemma". Same thing if you get to Forever living, Trevo, Oriflame, Edmark etc... This means that Nigerians do not know the in-depth part of each companies compensation plan before joining. All they know is bring this and this and they push you up and Gbam!!! You are made for life. 
I tell people that greatness doesn't just come, its little right things worked on over time.

In this article you would see what you where not told in the seminar presentation of that company. In another article i would talk about the product of each of this network marketing companies.


Allaince In Motion Global is an amazing network marketing company. Allaince In Motion was formed by Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, Francis Miguel and John Asperin in September 2005. Although on their website (, they claim to have launched in 2006, however the company's domain name was registered in September 2009.
The company distributes and markets food supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way USA, and premium blended beverages. AIM Global is the ONLY direct sales company accredited by Nature’s Way USA as its exclusive distributor for Direct Sales in the Philippines and other countries in the world. 
For those who doesn't know, Nature's way is One of America's leader in herbal nutraceuticals medicine company for over 40 years. Nature's way been around for over this period and still on top rating in herbal medicine means they have been able to stand the test of time and are fully established as a successful Company.
In my opinion and study i highlight my reasons why i think that Aims global is a good company.
Most times when we attend seminars and business meeting we all come out excited that Wow people are making a lot of money and we want to be a part of the tree that is making the money ignoring the core fundamentals of the industry and not unveiling the secrets behind each of this companies. 
In the last rankings, Aims global is the best mlm networking marketing in the world.
Aims global is an amazing company with a Compensation plan NOT a marketing plan. Most companies have marketing plans like Longrich, edmark, Forever living, Oriflame, Lebest, greenlife etc where you are being paid on the buying and selling activity (Distributor) of both you and that of your team members but a compensation plan pays you the frequency and quantity of product usage the network you grow.
Finally the truth behind Aims global has been reviewed and these are my points; If you think am wrong go and find out yourself.
1. Aims global is the only approved and accredited direct selling of network marketing company that distributes just a number of Nature's way products through the mlm model.
Allaince in Motion distributes and markets food supplements manufactured by Nature's Way USA, and premium blended beverages. It is clearly written on Aims global website that they are the exclusive distributor of Nature's way product via the mlm model. Knowing that Aims global have only been given access to only but a few of Nature's way products, Nature's way has a long list of other products, the alarming aspect is that on Nature's way disclaimer, policy, and company information, there is NO mention or declaration of Aims global attesting to the fact of being an exclusive distributor. 
2. Allaince in Motion Global operates an hybrid System which is the Binary and Unilevel Systems. On the binary, you earn a direct referral bonus of about N1900 per person you enroll in Nigerian Naira and a matched sales bonus of N5700 for each time a dual sales or enrollment occurs balancing left and right leg. Note: You earn this matched sales bonus to infinity level even without reorder. The problem with Aims Global in Africa is the problem of their promoters. 
They promote the brand wrongly, they tell you "Come and join Aims global where Autoship is not compulsory or not tied to our earnings", on the unilevel system of business plan,that is were product reorder is carried out BUT they don't talk about it, they only prospect people by explaining the infinity potential of the binary system. This made a vast majority of their registered members to ignore reorder of product monthly and concentrate on enrollment to maximize their earnings on the binary system making Aims global a PONZI or PYRAMID SCHEME. One way to identify a Ponzi scheme is that, a ponzi pays only on enrollment/recruitment of new members thus it cannot provide residual income. Aims global in Africa is a PRODUCT BASED PONZI SCHEME. They give you VALUE exchange for you registration fee, but the chunk of your earnings comes from recruitment bonuses. I gave a speech about the Aims global in Nigeria and their trend towards the negative and somehow, the information i gave got to some of Aims Global head office in the Philippines and they contacted me. This is a munch of our chat.

*Take a close look at the concluding words she said, that in the Philippines, they understand clearly"
Network marketing is about EDUCATING consumers about why they should consider or Use a product or services. Aims global concentrates on educating, promoting recruitment of new members by selling DREAMS.
In Nigeria, there are about 10 Global Ambassadors in Aims Global, I interviewed one of them, YES, she has earned a lot from Aims global, I asked her when she joined Aims global, she said  2012, she was among the first 400people who sat for the first seminar during the launch. I asked how much she has earned between 2012 and 2015 and she said over N15million. I went further to ask how much she earns on a monthly basis if recruitment stops, and she said about N400000, I lastly asked how many people on head count are registered in her organization, and she said over 121000people. 
Now ladies and Gentlemen you don't GET residual income in network marketing, you BUILD it. There is a difference between the Journey of a thousand miles which start from a point and you can have a picture of you destination in view and a journey of a billion miles which could take a lifetime to achieve. 
You cannot FEATURE in the FUTURE you cannot PICTURE- Paul Show
To succeed in business, it takes 200%, 100% from your passion, drive, persistence and consistency for the business and 100% from the business vehicle you choose. If you choose a vehicle that has the maximum capacity to only move at a slow pace, no matter your drive and passion all you will get is the slow out put. 
3. Network marketing is a system based on leverage. Leverage is an increased way of attaining something. I believes that, if leverage is an INCREASED way of attaining something then to reach true leverage, it should NEVER be about YOUR activity. 
Ladies and Gentlemen this is a major reason why, network marketing trust system is so slim. If a network marketing company allow you to earn from your activity, they do 3 thing that are completely wrong in my terms;
1. Investment- When you earn from your activity in network marketing, the company has created a platform for investment indirectly.
This is a major cause of the mlm trend fall in Africa. People say, "I lost N500000 in Forever living", and i tell them that you lost that amount because the company created a platform where you can earn from your activity. Someone who lost such amount of money in a particular company would automatically have a closed mindset for mlm.
2. Buying Your way To The Top- When a network marketing company also allows you to earn from your activity, it gives platform for buying your way to the top. For instance, if it takes 1000pv to become a Manager, you can sign up today, buy goods worth 1000pv and the same day you become a manager. 
Gopro Africa says to reach true leverage every body has to start up from the same point regardless of how much you sign up with. Different registration packages should only be for those who want more products at a start but they should earn Points or Commissions from their activity. 
3. Multiple Registration- This aspect is a means companies who are more interested in stimulating cars, bonus, incentives and trips than providing residual passive income. I tell people that cars, bonus, incentives and travels are By-products of chasing residual income and should never be the goal. 
Aims global operates a system where registration can be duplicated. Someone signing up with 7accounts. In my terms this is pure inequality, what happens to those who doesn't have the funds to duplicate their account. In mlm is not about your status or financial standings but creating a platform where everybody starts from the same point and has the same view of the future. I call it JUSTICE on registration point not EQUALITY on personality. Everybody must start from the same point to grow and have the same view.
1. Aims global has been present in Nigeria for instance since 2012, between 2012-2015, Allaince in motion has a population of over 150000 distributors, 10 Global ambassadors which is the highest rank, Nobody in Aims global Africa can give a financial statement of him/her earning N1m Residual passive income. Why? Basically because of the notion and education they sell which is "come and join Aims global where product reorder/autoship is not compulsory and you can still earn millions" so they base on commissions from recruitment which can never give financial freedom or Residual income.
2. Based on Product, It takes about 15mins for the breakthrough product of Aims global C24/7 to be absorbed. Supplement are good and powerful but its being stated in a Journal released by a group of scientist that Liquid based supplements are more advice-able because they are bio-available meaning readily available for absorption into the bloodstream. Tablets, Capsules state supplement contains chemicals for preservation and most of this chemicals have side effects. Food supplements are suppose to fill up the nutritional gaps so excessive intake or over dose should never have negative side effects but if it does then its because of consumption of the chemical used in formation and preservation of that supplement into tablets. There was a reported case of a woman who had a reaction on her skin after improper take of C24/7. 
read more on the report here
3. C24/7 is said to contain over 22000 nutrients and they claim to be the best nutritional supplement. C24/7 contains over 22000 phyto-nutrient not Ingredient. One ingredient such as Noni for instance can contain over 6000 phyto-nutrients, so don't mistake phyto-nutrients which are extracts of nutrients which are extracts from ingredients. c24/7 scored a phenomenal rating by Brunswick lab scored over 208 000 ORAC(Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score. 
4. Aims Global came 1st as the best mlm network marketing company in year 2015, based on votes by Now think about this deeply, Aims global product C24/7 came 2nd based on votes as the top direct selling product of 2015. (source- Aims global also came first as the top mlm company for 2015 by votes meaning they probably had the highest number of participants, distributors or members involved because they are on a fast high trend penetrating every city, state, location and country in Africa.
Shockingly, searching through the list of highest earners in network marketing for the year 2015 from ranking 1-500 earner i found NO Aims global member on the list of top earners based on passive residual income. You can check it yourself here
How will a company win best mlm network marketing company when none of its members WORLDWIDE proudly earns $150000 monthly residual passive income, which is the only link to financial freedom. 
Take a look at the population of Aims global distributors in the philippines.
Guess what?. With these large population of distributors Aims global has been able to build, NOBODY in Aims global has a residual monthly income of $150000. Sign up to become a distributor with Aims global and you join the crowd. 
Aims global only came first because they are more populated following the current trend but the ratings of an mlm company should be based on the companies ability, and capacity to EMPOWER individuals and provide financial freedom with Residual passive income at accelerated frequencies. In Africa registration frequency for Aims global is on a very high trend and increasing monthly but still at the point of writing this article NO member of Aims global can go inactive and his/her team also TODAY, and he/she continues earning a minimum of $100000 monthly residual passive income.
With this points listed out, I say NO, Alliance in Motion Global is not the best or even one of the best network marketing company in Africa.
Ladies and Gentlemen change is one thing that is inevitable, the same way you talking to a prospect to CHANGE his/her mindset about network marketing and join your organization is exactly the same way you should accept change.
Yes anyone who fails in an mlm company is basically because of his/her fault, but majority of people work so hard on a network marketing company and inside of them expect they should be getting more, their commissions cannot be equated to the effort they are putting in.
Holton Buggs in his Rags to Riches story was involved Religiously with about 6mlm companies for years before he finally joined OG and became successful, read his full story here
Do not be loyal to a company because you feel you are required to, you cannot be doing the same thing and expect a different result. Go and read about all the Top earners in the mlm industry, they never remained in a particular company, when they saw the company couldn't serve as a vehicle to earning a fortune, they CHANGE.

Registration fee- ~N42,000
Plan- Hybrid plan
Offices in Nigeria- Onitsha, Abuja, Ibadan, Lagos, Akure, PH.

Ways To Earn
1. Retail sales- watch out for the next article on a comparative explanation of products of each company and sales.

2. Direct Referral Bonus-
For each person you sign up Aims global pays you N1900. 
For you to get your capital back though direct referral bonus alone you would have to sign up 21 persons.

3. Matched Sales Bonus-
Remember Hybrid system is Binary and Unilevel.
Each product has Binary point, commissonal point and Positional point.
Each registration of N42000 is called Global registration package. It carries 1200pts

When your right and left leg produces a total of 2400pts Aims global pays you N5700. The more cycles of 2400pts u complete the more the bonus with a max of 16 per day.
Advantage- Since its a binary plan you can have spill overs from your up-line. 
Disadvantage- If you bring in 2pple on global package reg a total of N84000 would be paid into Aims global and you are paid 1900+1900+5700= N9500. That is about 11% of the reg money paid to Aims.
Yes you get product worth of you reg fee but i always tell people network marketing is not about selling any companies product its about "Use and Share"NOT "Use, Sell, Stock and Share". 
Use the product and promote it by telling others about it not selling to them.

4. Everybody in your team just needs to bring in 2people and the team keeps growing to form a Pyramid shape with you being on top. 
If it keeps going from your 1st 2people(1st generation) to your 10th Generation, you would have 1024 people in your 10th.
You earn 10% commission on product purchased by your 1st gen and 5% from 2-10th. 
Example- Lets say you have a total of 100pple in your team who buys 1blister pack of C247 at ~N3800. 5% would be N190. For 100 people = N19000 monthly income.
1. The person you enroll in you team CANNOT earn more than you. 
Any company that their compensation plan states that you cannot earn more than your enroller please avoid it because once it becomes saturated you wont have new people joining again and the old ones would leave to newer companies basically because they feel joining at that point they are just coming to work for the guys who joined at first. That is not the vision of the mlm industry. If i cannot more than the person that enroll me then whats the difference with that and the cor operate world where an employee cannot earn more than the CEO even if he is the best. Good network marketing plans should state that you your input should determine your earnings. If u sign me up and i work harder than you, i should be able to earn more on the plan.

2. Another disadvantage is that you have to balance your legs. If you have 200pple on your left leg and 15pple on your right leg Aims global would pay you on d purchase power of 15pple until you balance up.

3. Dynamic Compression- This compression is more or less very wrong cause it say if 1person in a particular level doesn't subscribe or inactive for a whole level, the level would not be counted (void) then the next life level would be moved up to replace the void level.

Advantage- you earn up to N360,000 with 128 people in your team on matched bonus paid out weekly.

5. Stair step-
Silver executive- 10 global packs registration then you earn 10% on distributors + 5% on uni-level

Gold executive- 100global pack reg earns 20% on distributors + 5% on uni-level

Global Ambassador- 1000 global packs reg. Global Ambassador earns 10% on all Gold, 20% on Silver, 30% on distributors.

6. Royalty Bonus
Aim Global shares 2% Global Annual Profit among st it Global Ambassadors. 
NOTE: 2% annually of Global Profit.

Organo Gold

Plan- Hybrid Plan
Offices in Nigeria- Lagos
Using N180= $1 (e.g)
Registration fee- Bronze~ N35,800
                            Silver~  N89,800
                            Gold ~  N233,100
The most advisable registration package to start with in Organo gold is the Gold pack which is about N233k
For every registered organo gold member in Nigeria, am sorry i am going to hurt you in this.
The worst mistake you made is that most of you joined OG because OG produced the highest network marketer in the world Holton Buggs. Let me shock you with this points. 
1. Organo gold slogan is "turning coffee into wealth". For you to turn coffee into wealth, then "COFFEE" as a brand must have a population in your location. 
Coffee does not have a population in Nigeria that can be turned into wealth for you to experience the lifestyle you desire.
Ladies and Gentlemen, you will agree with me that the Number 1 coffee producer in the world NESCAFE being in Nigeria for decades had to employ mobile marketing (which wasnt contracted out) themselves to enhance their sales bringing coffee to you on the go and shocking even till today some people have not bought even a cup and those who do buy once in a while depending on their location. 
Nigerians you can never deceive.

2. Holton Buggs coming out of Organo gold as the highest earner in network marketing doesn't not make Organo gold the best network marketing company, surprisingly in Nigeria, I'll rather advise you to do GNLD because their product is sustainable in this location. 
Christiano Ronaldo being the world best player in Manchester united doesn't not make Manchester united the best team in the world.
I tell people what Holton Buggs did within 24hrs after he registered was what changed his life. He registered over 750people the same day he registered. 
Now understand this, even if Organo gold product was "Pencil and Biro's" he would still do the same. 
Overseas individuals see network marketing as new opportunities to wealth while over here Nigerians see network marketing as "Another company coming to Exploit us using us to move their product". 

Ways To Earn
1. Retail Sales- Watch out for the next episode article talking about company products.

2. Fast Start Bonus- 
For each person you sign up, Organo Gold pays you; Bronze Package- N3600
                 Silver Package-  N14400
                 Gold Package-   N21600
Lets use Silver package for Instance 
Registration is N89,800. Fast start bonus is N14,400. To recover your capital through fast start alone you would have to sign up about 7people on this package.

3. Dual Bonus-
Organo Gold pays you a dual bonus of 10% off your pay leg per week.
Disadvantage- Your pay leg is you less volume leg. If your right leg generates $15000 and your left leg generates $200. Your pay leg would be your left leg and you would be paid the 10% of $200.

4. Unilevel Bonus-
Your monthly income comes from this. The product re order from your 1st to 9th generation. You only earn residual income when your product is re ordered for consumption  not sales. The product reorders monthly in OG is for sales because you cannot consume all within d space of 30days and coffee based product in Nigeria doesn't have a population. 

5. Unilevel matched bonus-
This is also on product re order. You get paid 20% of your 1st gen and 30% on product re-ordered from your 2-4th gen.

6. Generational Bonus-
You get paid 14% to a maximum of 4gen

7. Global pool- 3% is shared quarterly on global sales.

I wouldn't talk about Vemma compensation plan because Vemma as a company is not something i would advise any Nigerian or any one to join. I'll reveal a truth about them and we would move to the next company.

Vemma is a franchise. Back in 2008a lady called Mrs Uju paid a franchisee fee to Vemma worth millions of naira. She was the one who brought Vemma to Nigeria. Products were shipped down to Nigeria worth the amount she paid, product were available for registered members to buy. Vemma as a product is good with a powerful anti oxidant ingredient called Mangosteen which is also a cancer killing agent.
In 2009/2010 Vemma had a large no of registered members and commissions were paid as when due. In late 2008, another Nigerian Mr Uche, went to to also pay for a franchise with Vemma with Twice the money Mrs Uju paid. Vemma also granted him a franchise approval in the same country. Meanwhile, their contract with Uju was a 4year contract. When Uju heard about this infidelity by Vemma she became fierce and took the case up. In 2011, because of this case, Vemma Nigeria closed down. All registered members lost all their team members, registration fee and commissions went in thin air. 
Personally a friend of mine lost over 60people that he had in my team in Vemma. 
In late 2011, the court ruled that Uju should continue with here franchisee which is expired in 2012 and afterwards Mr Uche's contract would begin. In late 2013, Uche's contract began and every one said this is the New Vemma. Influential network marketers where taken to South Africa, to entice people into joining Vemma and to gain their Trust. Vemma began again. Few months ago something if a similar nature occurred again with Vemma in another country and as i speak to you now Vemma is at the verge of total collapse again. Registered members in Nigeria have not been paid their commissions for 5months due to this. 
If you know any one who is in Vemma, please do send this link to the person to read. Forget about all they tell you that registration is free, you get free products, frenzy bonus and all. Registration for Vemma's builders pack, that's those who really want to do the business is not free and you only get free products after you have bought a number of products. E.g. Buy 4 get 1 free. 
Let no one deceive u, if the mlm industry must progress in Nigeria we must tell ourselves the truth and No article has ever been so truthful.


Plan- Unilevel 
Offices- Lagos, Abuja and 11 other Distribution centers
Registration fee-
Combo pack- N62000 pre-selected worth of Product
Or N70000 worth of product.
Forever living as a company is over 35yrs
Officially started business in Nigeria in year 2000.
One of the greatest advantage of Flp is that:
Flp is on a Uni-level matrix- Uni-level Matrix system says there is no limit to the number of people you can sign up directly to you.i.e in your first generation. Flp as a company is a successful company that has been able to withstand all the ups and down in the global economy. Flp Nigeria was successful because their products are daily use products even though a bit expensive. I tell people Nigerians you cannot deceive us. Nigerians don't pay for just goods and services, we pay for solutions with value even at high prices. 
If a product does what you say it would do, up the price and Nigerians would keep buying it because it has value. 
Forever living product penetrated almost every home in Nigeria as at 2009/2010.

Ways To Earn
Forever Living works with Case credits which are points assigned to each product.
E.g. Aloe-0.59cc, absorbant-.071cc, aloe vera gel- 0.90cc, forever lite ultra-0.152cc.

To get 1case credit in flp its estimated you buy products worth N25200.

Novus customers gets 15% discount on products.
Novus customers are basically those who wants to purchase the products at a discounted rate. 

Basically, the Forever living's plan is very easy and straight forward.

* Fast start bonus- Flp pays you a fast start bonus of N1550(correction made its 15000).

Case credits are accumulated for 2months.
* With 2cc you advance to become an Assistant Supervisor.(Registering with either N62000 or N70000 automatically makes you an Ass Supervisor).
You also buy products at a discounted rate of 35%.
* With 25cc you advance to become a Supervisor and you buy products at a discounted rate of 38%
* With 75cc you advance to Assistant manage and buy product are 43% discount rate.
* With 120cc you become a Manager and buy products at a discounted rate of 48%.

Case credit are generated from your activity and that of the team you grow.
*Group bonus are received from supervisor and above.

REMEMBER- 1case credit is N25200 worth of product.

Every month in Forever living you are expected to Use, Share, and Sell 4CaseCredits ( N100,800 worth of products).

*Nobody in your sponsorship line can earn more than you. (Read in AIMs Global to see why this is a big disadvantage)

* Now pay attention to this carefully, take a close look at Forever living plan. It is called a MARKETING PLAN not a COMPENSATION PLAN. (I know what you want to say that they are the same right?)
Now let me prove to you that they are not. 
Network MARKETING is a distribution model on leverage. Leverage is an increased way of attaining something.A statistical illustration of multi level marketing states that "its a system where instead of enjoying the benefits of 100% of your effort as you do in a JOB, you earn 1% of the efforts of 99 people and that's where freedom comes into play in the industry. Now note that if you earn 1% of the effort of 99people you have 99% then you also have to put in 1% to make it 100%. 
Most network marketing companies that we have seen here in Nigeria requires us to earn 1% of the effort of 99people which is GOOD the  requires us to also put in 40% of our own effort again which is BAD. 

Multi Level Network marketing is a Use and Share your companies product not Use, Buy and Sell.

Ladies and Gentlemen although this is shocking and the ugly truth but the fact stands that Forever living is a Glorified Shop. Their marketing plan states that the higher you go, the cheaper you buy our products.
E.g. If iPhone 5 for instance stands for forever living products. If you sign up today, you buy their Iphone5 at N70000, when you become a Supervisor you buy the same Iphone5 at N50000 and ultimately when you become a Manager, you buy the same Iphone5 at N35000 and every months you are to buy 5pcs of the Iphone.
This means that the higher you go the cheaper you get our Iphone so even if iPhone is a consumable good/product the qty u buy monthly cannot be consumed by  you alone so you MUST have to hit the streets to sell the product.
Using the Forever living tooth paste for instance an average Nigerian family of 8children cannot finish 5pcs of toothpaste in a month if each of them brush 2times daily. Now if i buy 3cartons of the toothpaste a month and every other months i would have to look for who to sell it to to meet up my case credit and the higher you go on the plan the higher discount you get in buying.

1. Once you attain a particular level you cannot drop or go back. Now once you attain a level on forever livings marketing plan you cannot fall back. Once you have gotten a level where you buy at a particular price or once you transit to another level where you buy at a more discounted rate, you cannot go back which is cool but i tell them hey, either ways you are still compelled to buy and sell the only difference is that you retail profit is higher
2. Every forever distributor also way this "i wouldn't advise you to join any company that is less than 10years, you see none of this companies like organo gold, Aims global, Trevo, Vemma etc, can close down anytime or run into debt" 
Now that's very true but i tell them its not a matter of how far buy how well. Now am very sorry buy i love figures so much so lets be statistical.
Forever living is over 35years globally
Forever living officially opened their doors for business in Nigeria since 2000 that 15years ago.
One of the highest earner in Forever living is Justina and John Ekperigm. 
Total earning from Flp in 2012 was $336,681 (about N60,602,580) using $1=N180 with about a total of 270,000 people in their team.

Over 15years of doing business in Nigeria, this is their headquarters in lagos ikeja. And they are present in 12 states. 2states for seminar and all while others are just distribution centers where you buy products.


Plan- Uni-level
Registration fee- 
a. N8500 (you get 2 sample products)
b. N28800 (you get 9 hot selling products)
Advisable to register with option (b).

At the mention of the name "GNLD" every job seeker in Nigeria flee because a large percentage of job seekers have encountered this company in one way or the other. I know some of you wouldn't even want to read this and some would just hiss while reading this.Most frustrating is when i see job seekers dressed up in suit and tie at a GNLD seminar because they all thought it was a job interview based on the invitation they saw. 
GNLD Nigeria as a company can be said to be the network marketing company with the highest flaws. A large population of Nigerians have ar one stage in their life either being involved with GNLD or heard of a bad experience of someone who had.
Personally i have been involved with them.
GNLD is over 57years.

1. Retail profit: next article on product would talk about this.
2. Referral Bonus: Please do understand this before you criticize GNLD.
GNLD only pays you referral bonus after you have met a point volume target monthly.
Point volume (PV) are generated from products purchased. 
If you PV for a month is between 50pv-99pv you receive 7% referral bonus on each person you enroll.
If you have 100PV you receive 10% referral bonus for each person you enroll.
For example if u meet 50pv and you sign up 8people who have made 100pv and above in the same month, that means your 8people generate 800pv you earn $123 referral bonus and if you are on 100pv you earn &176 on the same analysis.
Note this referral bonus is on the activity of your first 4 levels.
When you generate 100pv and above you are on the advantage program

3. Advantage distributor add-on bonus- 
This basically means that when you have a minimum of 4personally enrolled distributor on the advantage program GNLD pays you an add-on bonus of 2%.

4. Exceed Bonus- Become a Manager or Senior manager and earn 10%.
Manager- 500pv from one active leg
                 Purchase  personal 250pv or       more in a month

Senior Manager- 3active legs with each having 100ppv (personal pv) and accumulate 1000pv in the same month.
                        Purchase 500personal pv worth in a month.

5. Qualified director- be a senior manager and within a 6months window accumulate 6000pv(qpv) and earn 15% on exceed bonus.

6. Leadership bonus- earn as your 1st and 2nd level advance in ranks
7. World team qualification- From 6000gpv- 500000gpv
8. Infinity Bonus- earn as your team members advance in the ranks from 2% for 2ruby directors to 6% for 8diamond directors.

Most of the disadvantages of the GNLD can be easily tagged to the fact that the company is old but still if believe that they should also have moved with the trend of science and technology and adjusted their plan. 
NOTE: Even if i list 1mllion disadvantages of GNLD, even if you continue to hiss each time you hear the name "GNLD", people are registering and signing up to GNLD network everyday of the week. You can go to their head office in Gbagada to find out. Now because they are already a brand just like Coca-cola. People say the sugar is too much, complain of diabetes, blood sugar level going up, some people pour coke in a hot  pan to see the quantity of the residue sugar and all, still everyday millions of coke bottles are being popped.

1. Charging for print out- 
You are charged for print out( usually a small amount which is taken from your monthly bonus) and you pay a yearly renewal fee( you have to pay this personally to indicate your interest to continue the business). Print out is the request you can make as many time as you want to see what your down-lines are doing. This will help you to know your qualification status monthly. While other companies have evolved to have a BACK OFFICE or website where their distributors can view and monitor activities of their team members.
2. GNLD is not a global business- Take it or leave it, if you want to be successful in mlm industry you have to be able to work and prospect on the global platform. One of my mentors told me to be successful you have to act locally but think globally to earn globally. Gnld does not give you a platform to earn globally. 
I met a Gnld distributor in PH when i went to give a motivational talk in SHELL, he didn't know who i was and he introduced me to Gnld. Dramatically i told him i want to register and he said i should give him the money and he would have to travel to Owerri or Lagos to register me. Then i said what if you meet some1 online how do you register the person?.
3. Gnld demands for a renewal fee for registration- you cannot have some1 who registers with you as a  company meets up your forced monthly 100pv target and you still ask him/her to pay an annual fee for registration claiming the fee is for magazines. Every month Gnld successful moved their products forcefully to their distributors, Gnld makes a profit on each product moved then why would they still demand for this. This is just ripping out their distributors.
4. Network marketing as i have said is based on leverage where you earn 1% of the effort of 99people making 99% and then you put in just 1%. The Gnld network marketing plan is just "rubbing Peter to pay Paul". For every commission you are to receive from Gnld, the company has a way of collecting back from you, before you are paid in form of high monthly targets 100pv. When i have 100people meeting 100pv for instance why do i also have to meet 100pv also, that's basically working 200% and being payed 50%. 
Now if i buy Gnld products worth about N18000 monthly to meet up my monthly target of 100pv, when i do that for 6months i would have product worth N108000 stocked at home which i would have to hit the streets, 911, traffic to sell. I tell people network marketing is a Use and Share model not Use, Buy and Sell. 
Everyone bad experience anyone has had in Gnld is not because they didn't know about the company but because along the line after registering they feel being ripped off and used by the company to move their products out and most Nigerians now believe that if they should put in the effort they put into this network marketing companies into their personal business or career they achieve more, this is because the LEVERAGING factor is lost in most of this compensation plan.


Helping hands a.k.a. H2i is a supposed mlm network company under the umbrella of an NGO.
It is not a network marketing company because they don't market anything. For their to be market it may either be a product to some1 or people or a service to someone or people. The service rendered by h2i is for the company to individuals, the skill acquisition is for the members from the company. Network marketing companies requires what registered members would give to the company then the company in return pays commissions not the other way round and not how much you can generate for a company.

There are 5stages on the h2i plan illustrated in this screen shots below:

Stage 1- Associate stage

Stage 2- Master Stage

Stage 3- Super Master Stage

Stage 4- Minister Stage

Stage 5- Prime Minister stage

Board of trustees access over $400000
Trustee bonus- $80000
Yearly global profit pool- $10000
Residual income

Advantage of H2i
The only advantage that is making h2i stand out now is that their registration fee is low and easily affordable for the low income Nigerians. They are trending in most under/less developed parts of Nigeria where they can easily tell the people to look for N6600 to register and also tell them if you do this and bring people, they push you up and Gbam!!! You get a brand new car and Wiiiiieee!!! Goes the mindset of them and they look for the money to register in no time. 

First of all, I'll like to applaud every one who has taken his/her time to read this article to this point. 
As i said at the beginning of this article, if we don't tell ourselves the truth about each network marketing company plan the multi level marketing industry would not progress in Nigeria and for us to do so we would have to hurt some people. What inspired this article is that i found out that everyone claims that his/her company's compensation plan is the best hiding behind a painful truth that you can only witness after you have registered/signed up. So many network marketers even see this pain as part of the challenges cause Nigerians are one of the most enduring sets of people in the world so every company coming into Nigeria would definitely pull its crowd before it starts declining.
Helping hands international a.k.a. H2i is NOT a Network marketing company. For all registered H2i members in Nigeria i know most of you would be hissing right now with that phrase i just said. 
Before i unveil what you don't know about H2i i actually want to applaud the relentless effort of h2i members cause i can say that in the last 12months h2i recorded a very high turn out.

Helping Hands international is a Ponzi Scam. In multi level marketing a Ponzi scam is defined as a company or scheme who pays its members only on registration.
Yes they tell you that its either you offer products or services. Helping hand is not rendering services. 
H2i is an NGO that embraced the Ponzi scam. The NGO activities of helping the less privileged and orphans is just a canopy over the Ponzi scam.

You cannot experience residual financial income on a Ponzi scam.
Ladies and Gentlemen, let me shock you to tell you that anyone can start a Ponzi scam even you. 
Let me give you an instance that would open your understanding. You can start up your own Ponzi scam. Lets say the registration fee is N1000, your compensation plan can be that when anyone enrolls another with N1000 you pay them N300. Give names to your ranking as each enrolled member progress. Now note that we have witnessed a lot if Ponzi scam in the past. Ponzi is just a game of figures. 
All Ponzi scams where shut down due to government policies. Helping hands uses the NGO activities to canopy their Ponzi.
Now look at it, you register with N6600, for each person you sign up h2i pays you N1900, now ask you self the balance of N4700 goes into thin air. At the end of the Associate stage (Stage 1) you would have a total of 6people, 3 on your right leg and 3 on your left who have paid N6600 so h2i has gotten an income of 4700* 6 = N28200.
Your total earning potential for completing Stage 1 is N9570. 
Now if you subtract N28200- N9570= N18630.
So for every 6persons that joins your team H2i makes a profit of N18630. To show you how wise they are, they make you feel you are doing charity by removing another little percentage of this profit to spend to orphanage homes, skill acquisition for their members, loan etc... 
I tell you using the example above when i said a Ponzi scam pays you N300 on every N1000 registration. When another company comes up and pays lets say N500 (50%) on every N1000 registration i bet you helping hand would loose over 70% of their members to them. 
I tell people you only experience residual income when there is either a product reorder of service re-occurrence where every member would repeatedly undergo. The Charity done by h2i is the NGO not the members charity service. Its your money and that of your team members that are used to buy the cars and the charity. BE WISE. 
H2i ultimately uses the car program to entice all their registered members. Everybody are joining h2i today basically because of the car program. I tell them if you mlm company promises you a brand new car worth about 3m -4m and your total take home is just about 400k-500k then its not worth it because the car is just to entice you an trust me the company has made way more than that car.
Last year February, a new mlm Ponzi scam came into Nigeria, and as i said Nigerians are very gullible and easily manipulated. The company promised to give person that signs up a brand new car once they complete stage 1 which with my analysis was a registration of about just 40people. I knew the company wouldn't make enough money to give out the cars but i was wondering how they wanted to do it. A guy who won the car so fast in less than a month came to meet me that i should join them. I told him to bring all the papers and documents he signed before he collected the car, he said bla bla that they are just terms that the mlm company would pay for monthly car upkeep and all. Gladly he went to bring it. I made photocopies because it was so much documents, i took my time to read through all the documents one by one and i found out that the mlm company had an agreement with zenith  bank to buy the cars for their members who meets up in form of a loan, it was clearly written in the agreement that if the person quits the company Zenith bank would go after him/her to get their money for the car but if the person doesn't the mlm company would installmentally pay the money for the car.
I would liken h2i to naira bet although h2i is not a bet or gamble but the point i want to make here is the owner of naira bet makes more money than anybody who comes in to bet regardless of how much you put it.
Now i know some of you would say, but every other mlm company too was established to make profit. Yes but not at the expense of their distributors or members. Lets be frank with ourselves as fellow Nigerians, the only service that can be rendered on a mlm network marketing scheme where you can earn residual income for life is the Power Sector and i await this in the future. Where power/energy is produced by a parent company, who then tells her registered member to introduce people to patronize them buy buy electricity at retail price whether monthly, hourly or each payment of electricity your team member pays for his/her consumption you get paid as long as you are on that plan of more. Think about it, people must use electricity so all you do is bring in people that would subscribe to the parent mlm electricity retailer and that's all (if i was the presidents personal assistant, I'll advise him on that. lol).

All we get to sell is car award, laptop give away etc. you never see where cheque showing how much in some has earned from their residual income.


Registration fee: N38150
Plan- Uni-level
Offices in Nigeria- 23 States

Many people are already so angry i wrote an article like this. Nairaland has already placed a ban on my profile but i have decided that even if its going to take me 1month to come out of the ban, i'll still say the truth when am out. 
A large number of people are already reading this article within and outside Nigeria and i have been receiving calls, chats, emails and text messages.
Now let me make this clear, normally when an article is written that hurts some people, you see people commenting and refusing, rejecting and sometimes abusing the writer but i noticed that because i unveiled a truth that they all know am right all i see is people reading the article but cannot comment, they then pick up my contact trying to cause an argument. 
Please i have been open minded enough to tell you the truth, if you are not interested in change and progress to embrace the truth please DON'T CONTACT ME. Thank you. 

Few but very Important factors separates Trevo from every other Network marketing companies present in Nigeria:
1. The Straight Line Matrix System:

This is the most amazing part of the Trevo compensation plan. It states that everybody(registered in trevo) is on a straight line. If you sign up for Trevo in lets say Ghana, Lagos, abuja etc now by 3:35pm and someone signs up in India, oklahoma, dubia by 3:56pm, the person automatically queues behind you on the straight line matrix and automatically a member of your team (Global team). This means either you are signing up people in your team or not automatically your global team is growing, and when you become a Director Trevo begins to pay you a % on every bottle bought from everyone queued behind you in the straight line matrix. Now this is a BIG DEAL. A good way of saying act locally buy think and earn globally.
No company, ever till date is on this plan that's why it is AMAZING.
2. Unilevel System: Ladies and Gentlemen, you will agree with me based on the analyzed compensation plan of the 5 network marketing companies(excluding h2i) for a company to come to Nigeria, have its ground and for a long time both product wise and comp plan wise it must be on a Unilevel system where everybody are equal and are rewarded according to their inputs. 
Enough of the complex, ripping off plans of Binary, stair step, break away. Do not be deceived, the Hybrid plan which is said to be a combination of both Unilevel and Binary pays you only on referral,fast start bonus of Unilevel, because the company doesn't want to limit you to signing up only two people of the binary scheme, the hybrid allows you to bring in as many people as you want who fall in place after 2 into the binary spill over, you get paid you matched bonus, fast start or dual bonus but your monthly income is in NO way connected to the Unilevel plan. You monthly income is solely based on your Binary tree.

8 Ways to Earn In Trevo
This 8ways are mutually exclusive.
1. Retail sales: Next article on product would talk about this.

2. Fast start bonus- trevo pays u a fast start bonus of N11000 for each person you enroll, remember Trevo operates a unilevel system not binary meaning u can sign up as many people as u want directly to yourself thus there is no limit to d number of N11000 you can earn in trevo. N11000 per person you enroll is massive. The next company to Trevo in Nigeria on Fast start bonus is Organo Gold and they pay N3600 per person you enroll is Organo Gold bronze package registration.
For example if u sign up 5people now u get paid over N30000 just for registration bonus alone. You get back your registration fee with just 4people in your team.
Dis is what interested me knowing well that other company registration bonus is tied to a high volume monthly target.

3. Matching Bonus- when you sign up someone you get N11000 fast start bonus and the person is in your 1st generation/life level. When that person signs up someone else,d person gets N11000 fast start bonus nd u get N2600 matching for each N11000 your 1st generation enrollee receives you receive N2600 matching bonus...and once again there is no limit to the amount you can earn here too.

4. Group volume income- This is where you begin to earn monthly in trevo (Residual Income) trevo says in a month, u are not given targets like every other network mlm companies. You buy between 1-6bottles in a month for your consumption not for sales. Depending on aw u want to and how you can matter how much u earn in Trevo you cannot buy more than 6bottles in a month. Your subsequent bonus and commissions after 1month of your registration is tied up to your purchase. 
E.g..u register today within 30days u brought lets say 5pple remember u earn over N52000 on fast start, now if u bring in another 5pple for instance next month (after 30days of your registration) trevo say before u cn earn your N52000 you buy at least 1bottle which is N8500. Now ask yourself would you sell the 1bottle or you would consume it with either ways you earn more. Because you know you stand to gain more, purchasing at least one bottle wont be a problem same for your team members. In other companies if my team member doesn't meet up to the number of pv or points to generate many up lines use their money to buy products in the name if their team members to meet up the points they need. 
NOTE: If you read this article from the onset i said a sincere mlm network marketing plan should pay you based on the team you grow earning 1% of the effort of 99 people. 
Ladies and Gentlemen in Trevo if you buy 1000bottles of Trevo, YOU GET ZERO POINTS AND ZERO NAIRA.(you can read that again). 
Trevo is not about your activity but that of the SYSTEM you build (your team members). But if each of your team members buy 1bottle each you earn on each one of them multiplied by 1000.
Now lets say you have 1000people in your team total trevo pays you $7 on each one of them that $7* 1000= $7000 if you convert to naira that over N1.2m monthly income.
I have given you the figures you can do the calculation based on the team you want to build. 
If it takes you 6months, 1yr or 2yrs or 5yrs to get this is it not worth it. PLEASE BE SINCERE.

Even the most treasured JOB in Nigeria don't get paid this in 5yrs. 
An oil worker cannot earn over N1m monthly salary if he has not accumulated over 10yrs of working experience.
A Pilot who just graduated from Flight school earn between N500k - N650k until he is able to accumulate over 3000 flight hours. Lagos-Kano is 50mins now tell me how long he would get that.

5. Recognition/ Global pool Bonus-  Am going to stop here because i really don't want to dwell so much on the exciting incentives given by Trevo because we have seen a whole lot. Companies tell you to bring in 2people, who bring in their own 2 and you get paid N350000 weekly, go on a trip to France and Dubai, go to the Bahamas for holidays but they wont give you figures of exactly how many people would involved for you to get this.
Trevo Directors, Executives and Diamonds Share 15% of the Total company SALES monthly ( NOT profit and not annually but Sales monthly).

a. Their prices have gone up due to the naira devaluation over the dollar hence it is practically harder to make a complete sale of a unit product of supplement to a population that is more concerned about having 3-square meals. Supplements are to add to, or enhance, not the core.

b. Almost all the companies are multi-national companies so the cost of product will most probably keep going up as the naira devalues more over the dollar and that bad for the community of users for the business to strive.
For instance Trevo product 2years ago was sold for N7500 per bottle for registered distributors and N12000 for non-registered members outsiders, Today with the current state of the Naira 1bottle is N15400 for registered distributors and N18k for non-registered distributors. Now with all sincerely tell me how many people will pledge allegiance to become sustainable users of any product in the wellness industry regardless of her value.
Ladies and Gentlemen in Nigeria and in many African countries the wellness industry is loosing her stronghold on network marketing. So i will strongly advice every Nigerian and some other African nations to stay away from joining any company in the wellness industry especially those with products that are not manufactured in your country, i mean those company that have to import their products from Lebest, Longrich, Trevo, OrganoGold, Aims Global, Vemma, Green world, Forever Living, GNLD, Swiss garde, and the new companies Royale, Kangen, Phyto-science in a bid to have sustainable residual passive income. Now this doesn't mean you should not use these products if you want to, or want to address an health issue of course you should because they are all and better than the average traditional products outside the wellness industry.
Note that my point is No company in the wellness industry will keep paying you when you have a network that is not buying their products monthly, quarterly depends on how the compensation plan is designed but once they do not require you to buy just enough for you and your team to keep consuming then its a Product-Ponzi scheme e.g. Phyto-science. If the company requires you to buy more than you can consume in a said period then its a marketing plan where your job will be to keep hawking products to sell to keep changing distributors who will do so. If the company require you to buy only that which you can consume as autoship then its a compensation plan but the big question is "How many Nigerians can afford to keep buying food supplements for consumption while they are striving to get their daily bread and the average and high income earners may do but in most scenarios they stop purchasing because Nigerians see the consumption of food supplements on a sustainable scale as extremely luxurious living.


Watch the video link embedded below, then contact me

Call on 08166070590 or whatsapp on 09093200039
Mr Paul Show

WHATSAPP - +2349093200039
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  1. What about helping hands international?

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  2. @BarryUche... There you have it for helping hands international

  3. @tunde...nice wish you all the best your courage to post here...

  4. Nigerians very funny...when i posted about organo gold comp plan, i received a lot of calls and messages saying thank you for exposing the indepth of this companies especially from flp guys, some of them created a link in their website to dis article and asked their members to read thru...wen i posted abt flp they all bcame angry and cannot comment bcus i said the whole truth...once again if u are in a company and you are satisfied with it please do stick to that company.. The article is only to provide information to new persons.

  5. If Your doctor says you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, inflammatory disorders. Medically, Clean9, Fit 1 and Fit 2 weight loss product can bring these numbers down without complications, which is safer, cheaper, and more sustainable than losing your life to it.

    People tell me aphrodisiacs do the job & it's way more cheaper, less than 1000 naira per bottle but come back with bad liver or damaged kidney, it also results in infertility & erectile dysfunction, they come back to me.

    OBESITY is UNATTRACTIVE & it KILLS , that's why DETOXIFICATION is needed, toxins in the body cause acne/pimples, Skin rashes, pile, allergies, arthritis, back/joint pain, infertility, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, diarrhea, headaches, tiredness, sleepiness at odd hours, etc..

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  6. Just another network marketer of flp who ddnt read the article but only used it as a medium to sell her product so he can meet up his monthly sales target. Only if he read the article he wouldnt have done that, because thats just another prove that flp is just a glorified shop whose distributors mist have to keep buying large qtys and selling for the rest of their lifes.
    You can contact him if you are interested in any of the products.
    Wish you all the best.

    1. U and this Flp guy u just tried to diss r wearing d same shoe and in d same size for that matter ! Ur intend in dis whole "researched" article of urs is to sell ur Trevor to d world by pointing out the "faults" or scams of d others! So pls before u try to remove d speck in his eyes, remove d log in urs😉

  7. Okay guys.. Forever living guys have been so on this article contacting me.
    If you feel i made any mistake, or in your point of view i made a point that wasnt right please state it here and let everyother person learn.
    NOTE: i am not going to argue with anyone or try to prove anything but i would like other readers to comment.

    1. You said in article- in forever living products you cannot earn more than your sponsor (UPLINE)that is no true.You can earn more far than your sponsor.You displayed John and Justina Ekpergi's cheque-Let me put it before you John and his wife earn more far than their sponsor.So that is no true.You can earn more than your sponsor in forever.If you want more light on Forever call this number: 08034493554

  8. When u get paid, u shud knw the reason for being paid! That is wat we call hard work! The commission/ market plan for Trevo is highly ridiculous! Where do they get d money they pay their members? They are paid from the same registration fee of the new members, which makes it the same with others u criticise.
    Am not here to condemn any MLM but to say/ face the fact FLP products are highly effective. You get visible results. No matter how expensive u might think they are, staying healthy is very important!
    Meanwhile my cousin said he bought a bottle of Trevo @ one of their seminars in Abuja, after he drank it, he was admitted! How do u explain this? I later introduced forever Living Vitofit for men(consist of 5supplement. A powerful antioxidant Which promotes libido, stamina en energy, it cleanses the system and prevents prostrate cancer), he rejected it @ first cos of wat happened wen he drank Trevo but wit much conviction he got it! He loves it en even his friends av started ordering theirs! He said it has suppressed his high blood pressure et all!
    Am not saying Trevo isn't gud enof cos an aunt of mine got pregnant after a bottle of Trevo! Likewise a friend of mine also got pregnant after Clean9 weight loss management programme! Forever Living products are highly effective! All 100% natural supplements! Not forgetting that Its network marketing plan is willable! Health is Wealth.

    1. Thanks for stoping by to read this article. Your comments are highly appreciated.
      Commisins are high in Trevo bcus the company blivs that every distributor should earn more. Please have u had anyone who said he hasnt bin paid after registering anyone. If NO. Den its worth it.
      I want to make this clear that all the products from every of the company mentioned here including the likes if green life, edmark, etc are highly effective and have true life testimonials bcus they are all herbal based/sourced. So i push for the one word that they all work and their testimonials. I have people who where sick and took ordinary lemon as powerful has the fruit is and they vomitted all d drugs and food in dia body and started running temp but that doesnt mean it caused it. Many people dont evn understnd how all these works. I had another patient who was on a stage 2 cancer and i prescribed trevo to her, she refused to take it then abt after a year she has spent a lot on health she called me and she told me dat the cancer was in stage 4,i told her not to bother using trevo dat its too late. Even the richest people in the world never survives a stage 4 cancer, Dora Akinyuli died ar stage 4 cancer with all the millions she had that she could afford the best hospitals in the world. All you do is manage the person till he/she dies. Some weeks later i think she hrd of people in earlier stages of cancer that trevo worked for so she started taking it. Lo and behold after taking Trevo on the 4th day she died and her family members started saying that Trevo quickened her death. Now judge ursef. Dont judge products bcus dey are all on the same herbal platform. You can only judge comp plan bcus they are all on diff comp plans. All iwas trying to say is dat the base product of most of these companies are all in Trevo. If you say thats not true then let us hear u out. You judge a product by its ingredient.
      Anoda point i made was that diversity,too many product is not good for the industry in Nigeria. It makes their distributors become semi-pharmacist. Over time the products begin to have alternatives in the market because they where not harnessed well. Thanks

  9. For more information call/ watsapp: 08051794090

  10. @Gbenga thank you for finally commenting on the blog cus we've had a long chat via whatsapp.
    I think i answered some of your questions in the reply i just posted to Funmi Yayi's comment. I understand how you feel Gbenga, good to know you have been educated by probalbly your parents about flp and as i replied you am very happy a young boy at your age is embracing great oppurtunities. I said if you think any point raised here is not right please comment cus my points are from my reviews and research.
    I know it stair step and i mentioned all the step in progressing but its all in two system. Stairstep progreession and Unilevel (meaning there is no limit to the no of people you can directly register) not binary.
    If you dont know i'll let you know that every registered member has a back office where the company know the exact number of registered members linked to each person so if you say Mr ekperigin doesnt know the number of pple in his team. Thats your view and its cool. Go to foreva living website or their information online and find out the total registered number of Flp distributors in Nigeria and Benin ask Mr Ekperigin when he registered and find out how many registered number of distributors flp had before he registered and do the maths yourself. Every figure mentioned here was thoroughly worked on(IN MY VIEW). I ddnt say flp is not one of the 4 best mlm in the world.Did i?...or did i say they ave not produced millioniares? NO...all i said was given the figures of how much has bin earned compared Trevo in just over 3years in Nigeria the figures are close and in some instances more in Trevo with less no of registered members. So with this figures we can project.
    Total number of registered distributors in Trevo is abt 80000.
    Total number of reg distributors in Flp is abt 350000.
    Looking at this figures using Nigeria as a case study. When the total number of registered members in Nigeria hits 300000 in Trevo, Trevo would hundreds of distributors doin over N100m monthly.
    When now Segun Sosanya with only abt 8000people in his team he his taking home abt N12.5m monthly.
    Young Gbenga now lets be statistical and let our readers judge.

    I am not that kind of network marketer who would delete post of people promoting other companies bcus i want to promote one. I just only say the truth. I'll upload more pictures of trevo top earners.
    Thanks for stopping by

  11. Rephrasing my quote- Flp has over 350000 reg distributors in Nigeria

  12. Well....I won't say much I have proved my point I wasn't arguing about anything ..just stating facts ..and u should still change your facts about the figures of the number of people in his team and also forever doesn't deal mainly on figures ,it deals with figures with activities...enough said still need to do an in depth review in forever cut the long story short to succeed in an mlm depends mostly on you the company just serves as a platform ..and I think forever still strives cause it has a vision not just about marketing it's products but giving people who want a lifestyle of their choice say the products are expensive but people still buy it and use can't expect the likes of automobile companies like benz to reduce the price it's cars to find more buyers ...people that know it's worth and value will definitely buy it

    1. Talking about giving people the lifestyle i'll tell you that every company has done that to all their top guys. When you go for a business presentation of all the companies listed here dey talk more about incentives, travel lifestyle and all to entice their prospects but the truth is the prospect really dont know what and what it takes both statistically and financially and thats what i trashed out in this article. So its a wrong statement when you say Flp is not just about marketing but lifestyle. Every company is all about marketing but the question is how? In our chat you said 25k worth of flp products to monthly is it too much to spend on ursef. I wanted you to mention that here but u ddnt. And u also said its not compulsory to sell it that you can give it out as gifts. Now dear readers let us come back to factual terms. 25k worth of goods monthly (dats for a start) powerful products which in your terms you rated with Benz. Now the question i'll ask you readers not you Gbenga is dis. When you ride a bicycle as your mode of transport, can you buy Benz monthly and give it out to friends and family?.
      I really dont want you to reply that cus i know you'ld want to proove anoda point but i wouldnt stress dis issue anymore.
      And for that of the statistical figures. You can go online, interview some of your top earners. Just search on google; total number of flp distributors. Start your review from dia. Thank you

  13. Paul Show, I think there is a lot you are yet to know about H2i. It is not just about car, laptop award. for your information, by the time anybody will be awarded a A brand new laptop/ipad which is as an additional inceentive, He would have received at least $1000. Then for receiving car award, he must have received $3,000.. Also, it was clearly stated by H2i, the registration, fee is a donation towards charity that is being carried by the organization. All you are invited to do in H2i is to donate and help them raise more fund by telling your friends and family members to do the same and you will be compensated.

    1. I really dont think you read the article well about h2i...
      Please pick out the wrong statement or point made and tell us the truth.
      Now look at it i repeat you register with N6600, for each person you sign up h2i pays you N1900, now ask you self the balance of N4700 goes into thin air. At the end of the Associate stage (Stage 1) you would have a total of 6people, 3 on your right leg and 3 on your left who have paid N6600 so h2i has gotten an income of 4700* 6 = N28200.
      Your total earning potential for completing Stage 1 is N9570.
      Now if you subtract N28200- N9570= N18630.
      So for every 6persons that joins your team H2i makes a profit of N18630. The higher you go they claim to buy goods,bags of rice and all to make you feel you are doing charity by removing another little percentage of this profit to spend to orphanage homes, skill aquisition for their members, loan etc...
      If only you come out of your shell to see what is hapenning you would see that 100% of the funds generated by the people you recruit are splitted in 3...30% is paid back to you thats if you've created a large team, 20% for acclaimed charity and skill aquisation and the rest 50% goes into the account of H2i to make dia account fat...Now i ddnt say you wont get paid. Yes you will buh why efforts in bringing people and all is splitted into this places. You would be smarter and wiser if you start up you own ponzi scam...Tell people your registration is N5000, pay bonus of 2500 for every person dey sign up, when they have 10pple in dia team for instance, take out a some out of your profit and buy a whole lot of stuffs and give to orphange home and all...i can assure you in 1year you would be a millionaiire cus u would have swapped over 80% of h2i registered members...
      Please think outside the box.

  14. You can get more about H2i at

  15. Lol.....your comparison wasn't just it at all...well there's nothing more to clarify...instead of saying which company is the best why don't u face your own company and do what you are meant to do and show the people u can your opportunity and show them the way to financial freedom cause many Nigerians who live below average and don't know how to come out of it need this opportunity and we as mlm'ers should be there to show them the way and not say wrong things about other companies, because by the looks of this review you have been biased with your judgement of each company wether true or not ,I don't know of other companies but of flp you are ,and you didn't point out the flaws in trevo cause every company has flaws no matter how good they are the flaws compliment the good,so instead of this why not just help the people you can and show them your own opportunity and others like us too will show other people's not a competition cause we haven't really touched 1% of the Nigerian population with our mlm opportunities so let's just stay focused on that and not show people our opportunity at the expense of shading other companies at your companies benefit,and if u want to point out reviews about mlm companies as a whole u should be neutral about it and not even specify which one you are into on your blog and if u want to show them which one you are into ,your blog should just be about your company...well it is nice reading your blog it feeds my curiosity and i think u should put an option for suscribers on your blog

  16. Hello everyone, Sorry o was away, based on this article, i got a call to physically give this explanation to Directors of a club in abuja.
    Now to all that made comments and all i appreciate you all.
    If you read the article well, i gave the disadvantages of Trevo and also the advantage. I ddnt ask u to leave any of your companies to move to trevo. If you bliv u have a long term plan in the company you are pls go ahead with it, but if you are doing something right over time or for a long time and the results you are getting arent good enough then you have to change what you do.
    I have had people call me even from India, Phillipines, Us because they read this article. Some even give me the name of their company to add to my illustration.
    I stand for the fact that MLM industry must move ahead in Nigeria (progress because people mistake movement with progress).
    @Gbenga yes we have not reached up to 1% of the total population in Nigeria but we have over 60% feeling that that MLM industry is a Scam, Pyramid, Get rich scheme. So how do u expect to change this if you dont unveil d truth.
    Thanks very much.😉

  17. Good reviews. It has really opened my eyes. I'm about to join Trévo. I am already with Max International which will be coming to Nigeria soon.

    1. thanks,contact via whatsapp/call +2349093200039 for more information and how to register.

  18. Hi, I was looking out for a review on Oriflame. Disappointed to not see one because that's the company I am interested in.

    1. hello, that of oriflame would be updated and published soon, only gave this review on the top mlm companies.
      To give you just a quick review on oriflame. Oriflame as a network marketing company has so many flaws;
      1. Product is not sustainable: The the product or service of an mlm company is not sustainable, you can never have residual income cus over time people would not see reasons to keep buying (low value products)
      2. The compensation plan of Oriflame is made in such a way that the products are to be bought by registered members monthly which is good cus thats where u can have residual income, but the quantity to be bought is more than you can consume so they operate the "Use and Sell" system while a true mlm company based on true leverage should never be on selling but it should be a "Use and Share" system. Everyone who is leaving oriflame today would tell you its because always have to sell, hitting the streets, bugging everyone online to sell your products.
      I hope this little review would help before the article is published.
      You can also contact me on 09093200039

    2. Mr Paul Show I will have to totally disagree on everything you wrote about Oriflame. The products are cheap, made from natural extracts and sell really fast. Registration is very cheap I.e 1200 and you can buy goods of less than 9k everymonth that you can use by yourself or sell. People call me as soon as they use up the products or even before they finish.. Infact I don't need to buy my powder, body cream, toothpaste, fragrances and other products else where because I'm satisfied with the quality of the products.
      If you want people to join Trevo just say that straight without bad-mouthing others that are way better than Trevo. Each Trevi bottle is too expensive but Oriflame's products are affordable ranging from #390-#7000 which you getvatv23% discount as a registered consultant and it's also very easy to grown our team in Oriflame because of the low registration fee
      Contact me on 07063619367 to know more about Oriflame

  19. have you heard anything about EDMARK ? If no contact this no. 2348062208326...
    we're gonna discuss lot of things.
    EDMARK is the only company in NIGERIA that pays 71% total pay what it means ?
    lets discuss

  20. Ur Trevor pple did not make their money by sitting and criticizing other pples biznesses, they "faced their work and built their team.if u r smart and d rest of d Nigerians r gullible, then u should ve your own networking business by now being that u r d great "analysts"not being with Trevor and critiquing others!
    Trying to put other pples candle out , does not make urs shine brighter!
    Face ur hustle and do it justly without trying to pull down another's!
    U lost me when I found u were with Trevor cos then I saw how compromised ur article is!
    It's no big deal that anyone around d world is calling you, own ur own and stop trying to analyze how gullible Nigerians are when u r eating from d same pot of soup!
    Congrats to every network biz mentioned here today, you are important enough to be discussed by the one that has not achieved even 1% of ur greatness!
    It's "interesting" to see that Trevor has no single faults and is d best biz module of all time. If u think for one second that Trevor shares its money equally with you then u ve something else coming for you!
    Fact is every mlm is set up for profit making by d company, choose what works best for u as regards a compensation plan so long as they give what they say they will and move on!
    All fingers r not equal but each one is needed for effective usage of d hand!
    Peace out!

  21. Thanks for the reply and thanks for stoThanks for the reply and thanks for stopping by...Firstly i'll like to say this...The greatest challenge network marketers and are facing right now either you agree or not is the fact that 4 in every 5 nigerian DONT want hear about network marketing probably bcus they have had a bad experience in the past or had a friend who has....
    If you know you are a network marketer now tell me why do you always tell your prospects to come see a biz oppurtunity and u neva mention network marketing even wen a whole lot of people have read books and agree that the industry is the best to be in in times like this. Multi level network marketing has been Basterdized in nigeria Accept it or Not, over 80% of our marketers who graduate from school wit Bsc marketing,Msc strategic marketing who have the potential to be 7figures earners are all in a marketing firm where they are being paid on targets and qty of products they sell. Most of dem also dont want to hear network marketing and i weep not because they dont embrace the model but bcus they have been ripped out in the past by one company or the other. Now watch it!!!!! a very little fraction of this population who might not have a bad experience or embraces good oppurtunity joins one of these companies or others and after few months, or years or persistency and consistency they get so pissed cus of the qty of products they still have to sell compulsorily and they step out back to become bank marketers, etc..
    The truth is this there is now a higher number of pple joining the mlm industry in Nigeria than those leaving but the sad news is that most would jump out in few months bcus they are joining on the wrong mindset nd wrong train...a larger population joining embraces Ponzi scam which is just a game of figures than real mlm companies with products and services because they just want to earn quick income get to the top and move to another company.
    Look at this and think deeply about it. Am going to shock someone now then you feel the pain i feel if you indeed want the industry to move in Nigeria

  22. Gnld registration has increased to N11000, u pay N11k to become a registered member of the company, you get products worth N7000 now the rest N5000 goes to the company (Good profit margin right), now they say if you want to become an active member you now pay another N6000(very bad). Now for each person you register in your team NOW you get N0, you get 34pv...Now watch this, you and your team members every month are to buy products worth N15000 to meet up your monthly target of 100pv.. Now SHOCKINGLY if you buy products worth 98pv for instance, all your points would be wiped off because you ddnt meet up (Painful) when your team grows, and lets say you become a Senior manager your monthly income is just about N5000...last month they were paid N3000... Now how does this match up to the qty of product you are to buy every month. When you buy 15k worth of product every single month for 6months tell me how you wont end up bugging and hitting the streets to sell your product. Tell me how someone who does this for 4years wont run out of the industry and prefer to be paid a monthly salary of 80k being a target marketer for a bank instead.
    Now is that not painful enough, do the statistics and tell me who as an outsider would see you going through all this in GNld and join you no wonder they never tell you of the monthly target of 100pv until you sign up(Bull shit)...
    @Queenbee this wasnt just for you but for others to see
    A man call me from flp in abuja and said he makes N2.5m naira monthly in Flp and i said wow thats good.He said he has a large crowd of pple in his team in Flp. When i go to abujabto give a symposium on "this is the best time for mlm" he came around to my hotel in Jabi, told me even as a top earner how he feels just being used by the company and all his pain, he wanted to sign up for Trevo right there thinking he can pull his crowd to trevo and earner better with less stressand i said Sir, Dont, you have a system already paying you residual income, once you move to another company you loose focus and in most cases so does your team members also cus you are a mentor to them, keep at it and he was shocked. I talkd him not to sign up giving him reasons that you move to another company, some of your team members go wit you, some would begin to wonder around in search of greener pastures and on the long run we have more negatives to our industry because those who go out to wonder around would start talking about the wrongs and pain they felt in flp..when you tell them network marketing they say pls i have dont flp for 5yeard and i have spent over 300k in it and have not even gottn back my moni all i have is products at home.

    1. *correction* in Gnld for each person you register now in your team you get N0 meaning Zero naira


  23. Think about it, you are in a company same to many others reading this article.. You will agree wit me that if you are not a network marketer with that company you can buy their product for you consumption but the question is can you buy THAT QUANTITY monthly for 1year. As much as you product is consumable can YOU??
    I had a call from AIMs global direct from the philipines regarding this article. After all they said i asked them few questions and they went mute. Most say talking bad about another company is not professional and all and i say Yes i agree, although in other well structured industries where competitors are offering great products and services, and are monitored by a body you still find traces of one talkn bad about the other either in signs, color, spoken words in parables eg, airtel and mtn and etisalat, origin and ace roots etc..but this is not a competetion now bcus just less than 5% of the nigerian population is involved in a network marketing company. This is a call for progress of the industry.
    Ladies and Gentle let me shock you with this. Aims global is suppose to be the best network marketing company present in Nigeria regardless of whatever excuse anyone has to say to that. Cus currently NO company operates the infinity matched bonus of N5700 that Aims global does even though the match has to be a balance from your right leg to your left leg.Now watch this, the company makes it clear in thier compensation plan that for you to earn monthly residual income, it is on the unilevel system. But guess what 99% of Nigerians joining Aims global today are joining because of matched bonus of N5700��. To make it worse when an Aims global distributor is prospecting he only stress on N5700 bonus and even goes ahead to say "come join Aims global no monthly reorder/autoship".
    Dear readers if you will agree with me thats if you have done your research well in the multi level industry You cannot have Residual Passive income if you dont have monthly reorder. (Fact). Now they exclude that to draw pple that is why Aims global is now about 4years in Nigeria with a Total registered distributors of over N121000 members, just about 10 global ambassadors which is the highest rank and NONE of these G.A can boost of a monthly residual passive income of N500000 that even when they sleep it comes in, but dont get me wrong a large chunk of their income is over N10m in total but the major part comes from matched bonus. The lady agreed immediately and said Nigerians dont understnd d plan and i told her thats going to be a big negatives to the company because when the hit comes around either when another company comes up with a more enticing plan, their memberd would move. She ended with a statement saying "here in the phillipines we understnd the plan and we are more excited about the unilevel reorder and payment cus thats what gives passive income, Nigerians seem to be new to the hybrid plan and dont even understnd it" meaning a large number of the distributors are doing it wrongly...i can go on and on but let me stop dere for.
    Once again thanks for stopping by
    Mr Paul
    Graciaspping by...Firstly i'll like to say this...The greatest challenge network marketers and are facing right now either you agree or not is the fact that 4 in every 5 nigerian DONT want hear about network marketing probably bcus they have had a bad experience in the past or had a friend who has....


  24. Ladies and Gentle let me shock you with this. Aims global is suppose to be the best network marketing company present in Nigeria regardless of whatever excuse anyone has to say to that. Cus currently NO company operates the infinity matched bonus of N5700 that Aims global does even though the match has to be a balance from your right leg to your left leg.Now watch this, the company makes it clear in thier compensation plan that for you to earn monthly residual income, it is on the unilevel system. But guess what 99% of Nigerians joining Aims global today are joining because of matched bonus of N5700��. To make it worse when an Aims global distributor is prospecting he only stress on N5700 bonus and even goes ahead to say "come join Aims global no monthly reorder/autoship".
    Dear readers if you will agree with me thats if you have done your research well in the multi level industry You cannot have Residual Passive income if you dont have monthly reorder. (Fact). Now they exclude that to draw pple that is why Aims global is now about 4years in Nigeria with a Total registered distributors of over N121000 members, just about 10 global ambassadors which is the highest rank and NONE of these G.A can boost of a monthly residual passive income of N500000 that even when they sleep it comes in, but dont get me wrong a large chunk of their income is over N10m in total but the major part comes from matched bonus. The lady agreed immediately and said Nigerians dont understnd d plan and i told her thats going to be a big negatives to the company because when the hit comes around either when another company comes up with a more enticing plan, their memberd would move. She ended with a statement saying "here in the phillipines we understnd the plan and we are more excited about the unilevel reorder and payment cus thats what gives passive income, Nigerians seem to be new to the hybrid plan and dont even understnd it" meaning a large number of the distributors are doing it wrongly...i can go on and on but let me stop dere for.
    Once again thanks for stopping by
    Mr Paul

  25. So sorry to all my readers that i had to split the comments, the comment box wasnt taking more than 4000words..
    Thanks for reading

    1. Once again so sorry for the mistakes and errors...would be worked on although i was pained while writing all these...Please bear with me

  26. It get's better by just doing what you are always doing, free chatting.

    Why use Whatsap or Facebook messenger while you can use this one and also earn something, not much I recon, but it's better than nothing, that's a good feeling.

    Also, I've noticed it HAS LOWER RATES FOR INTERNATIONAL CALLING THAN Skype, that's something!

    I don't thing someone will ever become a millionaire, or self sustain itself whit this app (unless you are a pop star and have millions of fans :D ), but I think you can feel good by donating a week's earnings, probably 10-20-30 cents to something in which you believe, in your country or another.


  27. MLM helping plan, also known as Donation Plan or Gift Plan is a type of money order plan which is the next highest selling plan in MLM Software.

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