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Your Health is Your Life Wire

Health is wealth they say. The output of your health today is a factor of what quantity and quality of nutrients you have being given it. Sound health and Poor health are not big events that just happen overnight, they are the result of what you have given your body system in the past. 
Just like every other, Sound body system takes consistency and persistency over time doing the right rituals/things.
For example, no matter how determined you are to have your body trimmed/fitted (weight management) itoday it can never happen today, you would have to change your rituals and be consistent in them over time for you to get your desired body.
The state of your health today either good or bad or worse is based on Two(2) major rituals

1. NUTRITIONAL RITUAL : Naturally we have lots if nutrients available for us to consume since what our body system actually requires are nutrients not chaffs, poisons we consume in the name of food.

Our choice and focus most times is on the taste of the food rather than the quality of our food.
Nobody cares about a balanced diet anymore, and a balanced meal is that meal that has all the nutrients your body requires in the right proportion and in the right state.
If not for choices, the regular foods we have should give us up to the 90 nutrients daily as recommended by our doctors which comprises of 59 minerals,16vitamins,12amino acids anf 3essential fatty acid.
We value" taste" most times rather than "nutritional qualities" not that we don't have natural sources of this nutrients but because of how we prepare them makes us loose most of the nutrient our body needs.
1. We overheat most of this foods,(like our vitamins that are heat labile).For instance we tend to fry our fresh tomatoes dry while making stew to get rid of the slappy taste in it not knowing that the slappy taste we are trying  to get rid of is called  "LYCOPENE" a pieerful antioxidant that our body system reqiures. 
2. Our frozen chickens have lost nutritional values since the retailers expose them to microorganisms that deposit some dangerous toxins and even our live chickens are now fed with fertilizers to boost their sizes not the nutrients.Many of us feed on fast foods which majority of them are prepared with excess spices. 
3. Most ladies spend lots of money buying vegetables oils with low cholesterol and Zero trans fats but the truth is we end generating or building up this trans fats whenever we reheat this oils to fry.  
For instance frying your chicken today with your pure vegetable oil, then reheating the same oil tomorrow to fry plantain. That oil is already loaded with trans fats and cholesterol from the chicken or beef fried previously. The chicken leaves the oil with traces of cholesterol of trans fats from its skin.And buy the time the oil is used for subsequent fryings ,these trans fats are transferred to the next item that is fried.
4. In our quest to get rid of sands and dirt in our vegetable leaves by washing them. Do you know that the greenish water you throw away each time you wash your leaves is actually what your body needs, all you each is just the residue and chaff.
I can go on and on.

2. DRUG RITUAL: The quantity of drugs we take-in exposes us to lots of side effects which we actually see on the leaflets inside the drug packs we buy and this includes  drowsiness, headaches nausea,vomiting etc.

Health journals have shown how many patient die each year as a result of unnecessary surgery, wrong prescription of drugs, diseases people contacted in Hospitals, Non chalant attitudes from some medical personnels, etc.

We don't have to wait to fall sick and watch our lives being experimented on, trial and error on peoples lives.
We don't have to wait for the doctors to give up on us or our loved ones.
When you weigh the benefits of these drugs over their side effects you will agree with me that  PREVENTION (MAINTAINING AN OPTIMUM HEALTHY SYSTEM is way cheaper and better than cure which is why people are moving from CURATIVE MEASURES TO PREVENTIVE MEASURES.

now just take a look at this and you'ld be shocked 

This is why i urge everyone to embrace a Nutritional supplement, this would help us all and our bodies to get all the nutrients not gotten from the food we eat.

There are list of handful and powerful food supplements to chose from out there. 
Personally, i dont recommend my clients taking food supplements in Tablets and Capsules because its really most of the same chemicals used in the production of this drugs that you run away from which have life threatnening side effects its just the content of the base ingredient that matters.

WHO says that our body needs 4500 ORAC score daily for optimum performance. Orac means Oxygen radical absorbance capacity which helps us to mop out the effect of free radicals which are exposed to daily from the carbon of vehicles, smoking etc which can lead to cancer growth over time if not moped out.
Who needs Food supplements and Why?
Everyone needs to experience the power of wellness for so many reasons. 
1. Our life expectancy as Nigerians is poor. For Men 46yrs while for women 48yrs whereas the life expectancy of the Okinawa's in Japan anf America is 106years and 86 respectively. 
A documentary showed by CNN showed in Okinawa some women at 90years climbing trees as a daily routine, engaging in Marathon etc. this is because of the presence of the good intake of CORAL CALCIUM present in the bedrock of the water flowing in this location so the water they drink, cook etc with from childhood to  aged contains Coral calcium and this is the secrets to their strong bones. 
Books have actually been publised such as "The okinawa program", "The okinawa diet plan" just to depict the amazing abilities of Coral calcium.

2. For optimum healthy system since doctors have realized thay nutrients holds the secrets to wellness

3. To boost our immine system since our immune sustems starts depreciating once we are up to 20years( Glutharione level depletes)

I know many Nigerians say "i dont need food supplements all i can just eat fruits and vegetables daily". Now i tell everyone that say this "How careful can you be"?. how many fruits can you consume in a day in their right proportions daily as your body  demands?
How do you get access to some exotic fruits lyk noni juice, korean ginseng, borojo etc

Personally based on experience i'll advice you all to go for Powerful food supplements like Vemma, Genesis, Trévo etc. you can walk into any pharmacy to find out.

Vemma contains a powerful fruit which is also known as the Queen of fruits called Mangosteen.
Recent research also found out the anti cancer ability of mangosteen.
This is Vemma

Benefits of Mangosteen

Vemma also contains aloe vera which is another wonder medicinal plant. In fact Forever living as a company processes mainly aloe vera into different form to address diffrerent health issues.
There is also vemma Verve energy drink with 4400 ORAC score per can. W.H.O. says for optimum health our body needs a minimum of 4500 ORAC score consumption daily.

For those of us that know Noni juice you will understand the powerful in the fruit called Noni. History has it that the Noni tree was being worshipped by the Polynesians. Scientist found out that the human brain is about 16% more alert just by sitting under the Noni tree alone due to the effect of some chemicals released by the leaves.  A mlm company came up years after called Tahitian Noni who had a single processed product called Noni juice. 
Noni juice is so powerful and is a great fruit that has proved its quality to mankind by addressing a whole lot of health issues ranging from Type 2 diabetes, Stress etc

This is another powerful food supplement in micronized liquid for for high absorbant capacity. Genesis contains Rapsberry which has great health benefits.
and Grape which is also known as Gods healing plant. Bbc news recently published that grape extracts now has cancer killing abilities. 


Trevo is a nutritional supplement that contains 174 natures ingredient gotten from around the globe from fruits, herbs, vitamins, vegetables, etc micronized in liquid form and bio active.
1ounce/cap of Trevo contains 12500 ORAC Score and a whole bottle scored over 400000 ORAC score.
Ingredients present in Trevo include
1. Mangosteen
2. Noni juice
3. Aloe vera Gel
4. Grape seed extract
5. Rapsberry
6. Lycopene
7. Camu Camu
8. Propolis
9. Borojo
10. Schizandra
11. Chlorella 
12. Flax seed oil
13. Green tea (decaffeinated)
14. Graviola
15. Pomegranate
16. Gac Fruit
17. Coral Calcium
18. Gotu Kola
19. Amalaki 
20. Maqui Berry 
21. Acerola Cherry
22. Ellagic Acid 
23. Apple 
24. Lemon 
25. Star fruit
26. Cherry
27. Goji Fruit
28. Orange
29. Pear
30. Papaya
31. Kelp (Sea divers get this from down the sea bed)
32. Ashwagandha
33. Fulvic Acid
and 141 other powerful ingrdients comprising of 20amino acids,13 essential vitamins, 25herbs, Co-enzyme Q10, and sea plant and vegetables.

If you pick each of this ingredients, make a research on each one of them online you would find out that each one of the are individually exclusively powerful. 
i know of an mlm company back then called Tahitian Noni which is just on Noni juice and another Xango which is just on Mangosteen.

No supplements should be mistaken has a drug, with powerful ingredient present in most of these supplements they tend to be curative, and supports so many illness.

Place yourself, children, siblings, family and every of your loved ones on a Dietary food supplement today. 
Walk into any pharmacy store and ask for any of the afore mentioned food supplements. 

For Therapy usage of Trevo for various illness contact me.
If you need Trevo delivered to your door step, or to place orders contact Mr Paul on call or whatsapp on 09093200039.

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