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Financial Success Blueprint Secrets

We have a long list of companies representing the Multi level marketing industry in Nigeria ranging from Forever living, GNLD, Edmark, Tasly, Total Life, Aims Global, Organo Gold, 4cornas, Oriflame Etc.

In one way or the other i have been oppurtuned to be attached directly or indirectly with most of this companies and i know the core of their compensation plan. What you would not be told in the seminar, i compiled all the information and wrote them in a very comprehensive article. The article shocked the global population and calls have been coming in with some people applauding and others cursing. I picked 7 major companies and diced them up into bits. The latest statistics of the article which was published in September 2015 as at this day October 10, 2015 which is barely one month is that it has over 34000 views. 

With my experience in the Multi level industry in Nigeria, i found out that the company you join has a great role to play in your success rate.

Nigerians now see network marketing as a game of numbers. So many Ponzi and Pyramid schemes out there. Some are so bad that they canopy their Ponzi/Pyramid scheme on helping orphanage/the poor(H2i), Cooperative programme giving out loans, etc. Some even go to the extreme by saying things like "Invest, Change $18 to $500000 (4corners Alliance group). 

What Exactly Is Trévo and How Do You Earn???

Trevo is a product blend of 174 natures best ingredient ranging from herbs, garden and exotic fruits, sea and land vegetables etc. Trevo is one company, one product. All you seek in tablets, capsules nd syrup is all in trevo.
Base ingredient of major companies like Foreva living - aloe vera is inside trevo, vemma- mangosteen is in trevo, genesis- rapsberry and grape is in trevo, tahitian noni- noni juice is in trevo... 174natures best most dense and powerful ingredient
To learn more how about the product (Trevo) and what it does click below

This is Trevo

Ladies and Gentlemen, some of you who have had very bad experience in Network marketing here in Nigeria would be saying; "Network marketing is cool but i dont want to join any company that deals on health product. Maybe something else".
Let me prove this to you. 
1. Amway is one the largest Network marketing company in the world with three major groups of products Home care, Personal Care and Health Care. 
Amway started declining even though they already have the highest number of registered members when years went by and technological advancement reduced the sales of over 70% of their Home care product which began to have alternatives and their Personal care products which was out of the system like their cosmetics and all. They only stand tall today because of their their health products. So if you want to join a company dealing on cosmetics then you should know that you cant build a long lasting SYSTEM of wealth with them and on the other hand it is Gender selective. The foundation makeup of 20years ago is not what is available now. Same goes to every other custometics products. So BE WISE.

2. Guinness Nigeria as a company saw a projection that their sales of their Guinness product was declining. Nigerians you cannot deceive anymore. 
People no longer want to buy goods and services they want to buy Value and Solutions. If they know that the product they are consuming is adding value to them, then you will make sales. 
That was the words of a Strategic Marketing Adviser to Guinness. 
Guinness then went back and added value to a product by adding African fruits and Herbs to a product and that gave birth to the rise of Origin.
 Ladies and Gentlemen guinness stated that they observed a 65% percent increase in sales after the launch of origin. When you meet someone and ask the person "Hello, you take Origin?", the person say Yes because it is Medicinal (Value). Guinness actually replaced the picture of their Guinness Made of Black product in their head office in Oba akran, Ikeja. Lagos with the picture of Origin (Marketing). 

On the other hand Nigerian Breweries saw that if they relent they would loose the whole market to Guinness Origin so they also went back to add African fruits and Herbs in a bottle and that gave birth to Ace roots. 

By taste there is NO difference between Origin and Ace Roots because they are both 6% alcoholic, both African fruits and herbs. 
Ladies and Gentlemen because Nigerian breweries understood how to leverage on the good structures, they leveraged on Origin's market. Now if you go to a bar and ask for a bottle of Origin and they dont have or are out of stock you simply say "Give me Ace roots" basically because they are same.

I can go on and on to prove to you why you have to invest in not only multi level marketing to create PASSIVE income but also to choose the health industry mlm companies over any other. The only industry that would be able to compete with the health industry for MLM is going to be the Power/Energy industry and that is yet to come. 
Based on product content review, No product presently can stand side by side with Trévo (Dare to Compare)

Enough of Facts and Statistics.

How exactly can i earn with Trevo??

Trévo operates 2 major system that is amazing and this seperates Trevo from every other company you might have heard of. 

Globally, no other otheer Network marketing company is on this system. The Trevo single line matrix system is unique to Trevo alone. 
The single line matrix system means that every registered member in Trevo world wide are all on a straight line. 

If you sign up today by lets say 1:50pm in Lagos, Nigeria and someone in Dubai signs up by 1:51pm, that person is automatically in your team (Global Team) and he/she generates points for you. 
Once you become a director in Trevo, trevo now starts paying you monthly for every bottle that everyone behind you on the straight line matrix buys.(Extremely Massive)
So the best time to register for Trevo is NOW!!!.

If you understand the money coming in from the straight line matrix alone you would dent the wall. So while you build your Local Team in Trevo you also earn Globally from your global team.

2. Unilevel 
In network marketing we have of a lot of complicated system ranging from Binary, Hybrid, Stairstep, Break away, Spill over etc and also heard of word like the power of two, the power of 4, leg balancing etc. 

Trevo says the only way out is to create a uniform platform where everybody can bring Unlimited number of people. That is, there is no limit to the number of people you can enroll directly in your 1st Generation. (NO LIMIT). 

I was talking to a someone online about Network marketing and he said he is not interested that i should tell him the real secret to how i earn my income because i have been able to build a SYSTEM with Trevo so i can afford to risk money into other business. I invited him for a meeting at Ikeja G.R.A. Barcelos where i have my meetings. He said he was not interested in Network marketing because he is not good at convincing people or even talking. 
I gave him this illustration. If you made your hair at a saloon and i come across you and say "Wow, your hair is nice, where did you make it? and you tell me the name of the saloon right?. I go there to also make my hair. Do you get paid for telling me about the saloon and me going there to make my hair?. No, he said. Guess what you just did Networking for Free and someone else made sales from your effort.
Now lets picture a scenerio where you know that for every one you tell about where you made your hair, and the person also comes to make his/hers you get paid. When you come out the saloon you would not wait for me to come meet you to compliment you. You would easily say come meet me and say "Do you like this my hair style? well thats where i made it" because you know you would get paid.
In network marketing you not only get paid for me going there to make my hair, but for every other time i go back to make my hair, wether you are aware of it or not you would get paid for life. Now thats a SYSTEM, i am not going to make my hair there for you to be paid but for myself and when i have some other people that i also have referred i get paid too. 
Ladies and Gentlemen you dont pay to talk to anyone and in this industry you get paid for it (Talk is cheap they say). You dont need to talk or convince everyone, you dont need everyone. Basically i got to where i am today because i work on Two laws and it has changed my finances.
The law of averages states that If you do something repeatedly a ratio would appear. Nobody wants you to be perfect in this industry. In base ball, if you bat 3 out of 10 you earn $4m annually. That means out of 10times, you fail or you're OUT 7times and you BAT just 3times you earn $4m annually. 
If you invite 10people for a business seminar or presentation and only 3 shows up then good you have a ratio of 3:10. Next time if you want another 3 people at your seminar that means you would have to invite another 10people. (Simple). 

There 8ways you earn with Trevo

1. Retail Sales- Each bottle of trevo sells for N12000 or above. As i write this article its sold for N13000 in Ibadan, N18000 in Ph and N15000 in Warri. People pay this because of the value of the brand and the solution it brings. Trevo is still a wonder to humanity because of the amazing positive effect on health issues from high bp, diabetes, weight management, goitre, ulcer, kidney problem, liver problem etc.  Registered members of Trevo gets it at the rate of 8500 wen u buy 3bottles nd above. 
Ladies and Gentlemen Trevo is now a household product and more families are getting to know about the Value of the brand but over 80% of people using this product in Nigeria dont know that they can get it cheaper. So the market is demanding. If you sell one bottle u make a profit of 3500. 
I actually like being factual and statistical can anyone mention one product that you make over 2k from the Unit sale in the conventional market. How much do you make as profit when you sell 1carton of Indomie, Or when you sell 5cartons of Biscuits. 
If you are like me who is very poor at sales or urging,convincing people to buy a particular product, guess what? you can earn more.

2. Fast start bonus- Trevo pays you a fast start bonus of $60 for each person you enroll, Remember i said Trevo operates a Unilevel system not binary meaning u can sign up as many people as u want directly. So there is no limit to the number of $60 u can earn on Fast start bonus. $60 as at today is about N10920 (approximately N11000) per person you enroll that is massive. The next company to Trevo in Nigeria pays N2000 per person u enroll. For example if you sign up 5 people now you get over N50000 just for registration bonus alone.
This is what intersted me in this business knowing well that i have been with other companies whose bonus are tied to a high volume monthly target. A joined a company that pays about N250 on each person u sign up(depending on ur registration level) so if you sign up 5pple you are expectd to get 1250 but they did not pay me until i have to meet a monthly target of 100pv which means i have to buy about 18k worth of product to attain. 

3. Matching bonus- When you sign up someone u get $60 fast start bonus, and the person would be in your 1st generation, when that person signs up someone else, that person gets $60 fast start bonus nd u get $12 matching bonus. So for each $60 your 1st generation receives you get a $12(about N2100) matching bonus and once again there is no limit to the amount of matching bonus you can earn.

4. Group volume income- This is where you begin to earn monthy in Trevo.Trevo says in a month, you are not given targets like every other network mlm companies, you are just required to buy between 1-6bottles in a month as autoship. Depending on how you like and how you can afford. No matter how much you earn you cannot buy more than 6bottles in a month. 
Trevo operates a Use and Share scheme not Use and Sell. Your subsequent bonus and commisions after one month of your registration is tied up to ur autoship place. e.g. Let say you register in October, within 30days you brought lets say 5people remember you earn over N50000 on Fast start bonus, now if you sign up 3 people  for instance in December Trevo says before you can earn your N30000 you have to place an autoship of at least 1bottle wich is 8500. Ask yourself when you receive this would you still go out looking for who to sell the bottle to?
Your autoship is basically for your consumption and commision. 
Your autoship placed would open you to earn from all activites in your team from fast start, matchn bonus, and all, same for your team members.
Now lets say u have 100 people in your team in total (Indefinite width and 8 level depth), Trevo now pays u a monthly income of $7 per person in your team. $7*100=$700monthly (equivalent to about N14000 monthly income for life) 
Ladies and Gentlemen if it takes u 6month or 1 year to build is it not worth it? and keeps growing because its about leverage. 

5. Recognition pool- I am going to stop here because i dont want to dwell so much on where the enticing incentives are we all are used to hearing all that.
Remember what i said about the Single-line matrix system where everybody is on a straight line and once you sign up everyone that signs up after you queues behind you on the straight line. 
Ladies and Gentlemen once you become a director with Director in Trevo you now begin to earn from your global team, that from every bottle everyone behind you buys monthly (Extremely Massive).
The BIG QUESTION is this
Ladies and Gentlemen am a someone who cannot just be enticed by incentives and i actually believe when people earn in the industry even if i know that some are lies but i always like to know what it takes so i did the statistics. 
With 130 people in your team on 3bottles autoship, you are a director in Trevo and you say goodbye to POVERTY. At this stage you have successfully built a SYSTEM for yourself. You dont need everybody to join you. 
The highest earner in Trevo is Segun Sosanya. He earns N12.5m monthly and he has a total of 8000people in his team...his 8000 people generates about N4.8m for him and the rest comes from people he doesnt even know and he never needs to know them (straight line matrix).

Last month, the least Director rank took home $800 from the straight line matrix. Now your 130 people would generate about N185000 from group volume income, at this stage you are a director, you then receive extra $800 which is about N16000 from your Global team. Your total take home for that month would be about N350000.
One of the top earner in Flp i interviewed Mr Francis has been with the company for  over 10yrs..he earns about N2.5m montly, his monthly target is 750k worth of foreva product, he has a total of 36000pple in his team...calculate it yourself nd Trevo is just over 3yrs in Nigeria. Of course you earn in both but you have to know what it takes. 
You build locally in Trevo and earn from both Locally and Globally.
Registration packages;
3bottles = N38150
6bottles = N68250
9bottles = N96350
15bottles = N151150
24bottles= N223000

Lets take the 3bottles Registration for instance which is N38150. You get 3big bottles of Trevo worth N36000 remember i sed 1bottle is sold at N12k, you also get a website for your business and to monitor your team growth nd activity, You get an FCMB account where you receive all your earnings, bonus, and commisions. 

Someone told me the while i was giving a seminar in Cotonou that the registration money is too much. Remember i said am very statistical so lets do the calculation.

Registration was N33800 before naira devaluatn occured.
It was increased to N38150.
You get 3big bottles of trevo worth N36k
Your enroller receives a fast start bonus of $60 = N11000
Ur enroller's enroller receives a matching bonus of $12= N2100
Now add it up and tell me if its not way more dan d 38150??
Immediately She asked another question that how does Trevo now make gain?
We human are very inquisitive especially Africans.
I had to do another statistics for her 
If registered members get Trevo at N8500 per bottle.
Now you Register with N38150
You receive 3bottles at a cost price of N8500 each = N25500
Your enroller receives a fast start of 
$60- N11000
Your enrollers enroller receives a matching bonus of $12- N2100
Add them up= N38600
The companies production price would definitely be less than N8500 so they have successfully made sales and profit and yiu also did. 

No one feels cheated or used or ripped out. 
Trevo is a global business and a true definition of an home based business. You can sit in Lagos and invite someone in Ghana for seminar, the person attends the business presentation, makes his/her decision signs up and you have a team in Ghana. 
I tell people any network marketing platform that says you cannot earn mote than your enroller is a wrong platform and it can be likened to the corporate pyramid where the smartest employee cannot earn more than the CEO of the company

Behold the lady who signed up Segun Sosanya (a mother of 5children). If she can do it then what is your excuse

Note: cannot earn more than your enroller not on bonuses or matched/dual bonus(Aims Global) because you did not balance your legs and your team member has. I mean earn more than you enroller on residual income. 
Tell me how many businesses out there there that you can start with N38150 and earn all these in 3years including logistics and salary. I started this business with N33800, i ddnt have it, borrowed it, as i write this article today in about 16months. 

How Do i Start to Build a System??
To register, learn how i can help you grow your team after signing up, trainings, seminars, strategies, and more enquiries hit me up on whatsapp on 09093200039.
I started Trevo as a part-time business, i moved into full time but now am in it for a life time. 
Your Financial Success, My Joy
Mr Paul

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